Rhodri: “Germany? We are not afraid of anything or anyone.”


Rhodri: “Germany? We are not afraid of anything or anyone.”

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RAudrey was elected the best in the party. “It was a game of patience, with a very folded defense. In the first one they managed to get there, they scored a goal for us. Hard times have come and with an unfortunate business we had a bad time. This is where we need to improve. We calmed the equalizer and returned to control. There was a lack of power in the second plays.”

Instructions for your colleagues to regain control“I asked for calm, so that we could get together a little to regain control. We knew it would be complicated. Except for these moments of doubt, the game was controlled. We managed to change the situation and that’s why I asked for calm. The first one I’ve had , I’ve seen the gap and I’ve stuck to it.”

About Germany in biology. “We will never know if it’s good or bad. All the choices are good. We’ll see about that. Germany at home will do fuerte.No we’re scared. If we want to succeed, we will have to make a great match. We’re going to go and win with everything we have. The match against Germany will be completely different from the match against Georgia.”

Talk about the good atmosphere of the team. “Niko and Lamine give us joy. They are focused on the game all the time. It is very important for the group and if they have played rock, paper or scissors, I don’t know, but if it helps them to be more relaxed, even better.”

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