Neo Becerra, against new government measures: from VAT on olive oil to tourism problems


Neo Becerra, against new government measures: from VAT on olive oil to tourism problems

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New Becerra He has been critical of many issues through his Twitter account, now s. There are three specifically: VAT on olive oil, housing in Spain and tourism, Issues addressed by the government with which the Economist completely disagrees.

Accommodation in Spain

The housing problem in Spain is getting more serious. According to estimates, It is necessary to build between 600,000 and one million new apartments in the next four years to meet demand. In addition, the stock of public housing should increase six times, reaching 9% of the total, compared to the current 1.5%.

Neo Becerra’s reaction to this: “It’s a pity! Awesome!. But if they do not exist today, it is because you have decided in the last few decades that either they will not be needed, or they should not be built. I mean, it was a decision.”, Seal.

The problem of Tourism

Referring to tourism, the large influx of visitors, especially in the summer, This has led to the saturation of spaces and infrastructures The housing crisis has been exacerbated by tourist rent.

While enterprises and business sectors defend tourism for its economic importance, Neighborhood associations, entities and political parties have emerged calling for stricter regulation And change the economic model to reduce its negative effects.

Something new Becerra is thinking about: “Do you think so because you are convinced that there is no economic alternative to tourism? That is, if it were not for the number of tourists arriving, it could not grow. If so, it is for meditation.”, She wrote.

Value Added Tax on olive oil

In this question, he shared an article in which he explained that next Tuesday the Ministry of Finance will introduce in the Cabinet of ministers the complete abolition of VAT on some products, The 0% rate applied from July 1.

This measure permanently includes olive oil in the set of basic necessities that already enjoy a VAT reduction, Such as bread, eggs, vegetables and fruits.

Now, olive oil is added to this list in a structural way, Apply a super-reduced VAT of 0% instead of the usual 4%. According to the government, this measure seeks to protect and encourage the consumption of olive oil, which has seen an increase in prices due to a decrease in production due to drought.

With this , he also does not communicate: “I think that, as in other similar cases, it is a mistake: a cafe for everyone, regardless of income. Grants must be with names, surnames and postal address.”

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