El Hormiguero: Felipe Gonzalez does not bite his tongue at “El Hormiguero”: “today we have a much better society than politics”


El Hormiguero: Felipe Gonzalez does not bite his tongue at “El Hormiguero”: “today we have a much better society than politics”

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‘Ant hill’ He was dismissed this Thursday week with a visit Felipe Gonzalez. The former head of the government has reviewed the current political affairs with Pablo Motos After the recent elections held in Galicia, the Basque Country and Catalonia, and with the elections to the European Parliament, which will be held on June 9, on the immediate horizon.

Having got into Platte and only taking a seat, Felipe Gonzalez criticized the incumbent politicians. “These fights worry me a lot. “It seems to me that this tan is not political,”said the Andalusian, who was asked by Pablo Motos, in which country we live. “In a curious country, because it is not possible to predict what will happen tomorrow or what happened ten months ago. “We’ve covered the quota, we don’t know what’s going to happen,”Sevilla replied.

Pablo Motos stated that Felipe Gonzalez had been head of government for 13 and a half years and that he had done it with three absolute majorities and one simple one and wanted to know if he considered that there were leaders capable of exciting voters without relying on other political parties that had nothing to do with them. “Absolutely,”said the guest, who clarified who was to blame for this. “I think we have a much better society today than politics. The ancients, those of my generation, we are the branch of the Constitution generation, of the Moncloa pacts, of reconciliation… People were hoping that the performance appraisal system would change. And boy have I changed, I have changed for the better during those years. And I didn’t rule for those who voted for me, and there were a lot of people, but I ruled for the whole country. I had a bass project”.

The host of ‘El Hormiguero’ asked the former politician if there is currently a pas project in Spain. “That’s not what I know, that’s why I feel for Huerfano,”Felipe Gonzalez replied. Pablo Motos wanted to know if it was possible to have a pas project with 121 deputies and Partners owned by Pedro Sanchez. “And’ unnecessary. With 120 deputies you can have it , as long as you aspire to have 175, 176 deputies. If one does not believe that one can be a majority, then why does the majority believe that one can represent it. Now, with these partners, no”. “The government is talking about a progressive coalition and Carles Puigdemont does not seem progressive to me, because he is a separatist nationalist and, therefore, he is not in solidarity with the rest of Spain. Where is the progress, huh? The interviewee continued: “I don’t see that, he made it clear that one cannot talk about the draft pas excluding half of his compatriots from it:” if they build a wall that divides us in half… We have already tested it.”

Felipe Gonzalez takes constitution to ‘El Hormiguero’

A person who was the head of government between 1982 and 1996 believes that a citizen Is Bored and tired of politicians. “I think people are starting to get fed up. Among other things because I think they don’t understand it, because it must be very old to understand a politician when he speaks, because they don’t talk about people’s daily lives and people’s real problems,” said Felipe Gonzalez, who attended the Atresmedia entertainment program that airs Monday to Thursday between 21.45 and 22.45 on Antena 3 with a copy of the Spanish constitution of 1978. “That’s what we agreed on, all by 78, since the largest number of votes from all of Spain was in Catalonia. And the Constitution is not a weapon of aggression, but a weapon of Concord, coexistence and pacts so that we can all live freely without anyone telling us, “explained the person who, for 23 years, was the secretary general of the Socialist Workers’ Party.

Felipe Gonzalez also expressed his opinion on the amnesty, which will be finally approved on May 30 in the Chamber of Deputies. “An amnesty is a request for forgiveness from those who broke the coexistence of the Spaniards. How are we going to ask for forgiveness from those who have broken coexistence? Amnesty is the application of a principle prohibited by the Constitution. Article 9 of the Constitution provides for judicial security, responsibility and the Prohibition of arbitrariness of public authorities. Therefore, if it is not an embezzlement of public funds because the goal is independence from Spain, Why would it be an embezzlement in the Valencian Community or in Andalusia. People can embezzle public funds and demand amnesty. And this scares me, because it is the explosion of the rule of law and because the guarantee of living in freedom is that the law is equal for everyone,”he said.

The producer of ‘El Hormiguero’ also questioned Felipe Gonzalez about what will happen when the amnesty is approved and Carles Puigdemont achieved what he wants, a question that the former politician born on March 5, 1942 in Seville took advantage of to indict Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. “I will confuse everyone because this is done only by old politicians. Maybe even Rodriguez Zapatero finds out what I’m saying now. When she left the government, the people’s party won an absolute majority and the PSC fell to historic lows. “The worst Little Thing in the PSC is the legacy of Rodriguez Zapatero, who is now saving the PSC and all the others, who will not save us, because he left a terrifying legacy,”said the 82-year-old former politician.

Felipe Gonzalez reflects on Pedro Sanchez’s speech

The person from Requena put on the table the letter that Pedro Sanchez wrote several weeks ago to the citizen to talk about the leadership of the current head of government. “This is not leadership. A person with a leadership responsibility doubts, because every intelligent and non-sectarian person doubts. Fanatics do not hesitate because they believe that they are absolutely right and those who are wrong are the rest of the world. However, the people who are responsible for making decisions, consult with the pillow and once the decision is made they tell the citizens what they think should be done, but they don’t ask the citizens what to do,”he said.

Pablo Motos noted that Pedro Sanchez wrote the famous letter after a Madrid court opened proceedings against his wife, bigua Gamez, for crimes of corruption in the private sector and abuse of influence. Valencia noted that the only explanation he gave in the House of Representatives was that his wife is honest and he told the last guest of the week if in his opinion she should give more realistic explanations. “I think it’s Pedro Sanchez’s responsibility to give explanations about everything he does. Political leaders have a responsibility not to get into family problems,”he said.

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