Premier League: Saudi Arabia wants to dismantle Guardiola’s city


Premier League: Saudi Arabia wants to dismantle Guardiola’s city

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ARabia has been chasing the European market for several markets in search of great football players in the league and Manchester City could be influenced by rabis ‘ interest in several of his players. The names that sound most strongly are those Kevin De Bruyne and Ederson MoraesPep Guardiola’s key pieces in the successes of all The Citizen.

The Belgian captain spoke before the defeat of his national team to France and left his future up in the air. “I have more than enough money. But if a ridiculous amount arrives… This is also for my family, relatives, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and friends, ” emphasizes the midfielder. Statements that invite reflection on it He will be able to leave Europe to land at a club that offers him a great contract.

According to journalist Rudi Galetti, The Union of Benzema will be most interested in joining the ‘Kuwait Development Bank’ They will have already contacted their environment to negotiate the numbers. De Bruyne to renew in 2021 until 2025, But the football player is already 33 years old and he will be able to start thinking about a way out.

The other is Ederson, the goalkeeper who will be the closest to leaving Manchester. His future indicates victory, although nothing has been confirmed yet. However, Guardiola will not be worried about the loss of Brazil, since Rely on Stefan Ortega to cover city’s goal. The German has been renewed until 2026 and was already instrumental in winning the Premier League last season.

Babe’s spine is crumbling

Manchester City will win the Champions League in 2023 A strong team consisting of a large spine works perfectly. Interest in De Bruyne and Ederson joins the departure of Gundogan and rumors about other players.

The loss of the German midfielder, now at Barcelona, was very painful for Guardiola, Who did not find an alternative in height. The same can happen with De Bruyne., Who had been responsible for supplying Haaland with balls since the Norwegian’s arrival. This year he could not play as much due to injuries and the striker’s numbers suffered.

Bernardo Silva, although it seems that he will stay, was one of those who always threatened to leave. Just like Kyle Walker, babe’s lock is on the right whose age indicates that his future is far from the city. Grealish, who was also the key to that team that lifted the Champions League, does not raise his head. Little by little, the pieces of this great team are falling off and the technician will work to form another great base that will regain the level of that season.

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