Women’s Football: La Liga celebrates International Women’s Football Day


Women’s Football: La Liga celebrates International Women’s Football Day

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UOne of the most important dates in the Spanish league calendar is May 23rd Who commemorates the celebration International Women’s Football Day. And for this, League, As the record holder of women’s professional football in Spain and hand in hand with the agency Russian Rocky, Lanza “Winning on the street”, A very special campaign in which It shows that the greatest victory comes out of the field, And it is reflected in society.

“Winning on the street” makes it clear that the most important victory, paradoxically, is not the one that takes place inside their stadiums, but the one that is actually won outside them, on the street. And today, thanks to the clubs, the players and the support of their fans, we are also winning on the school playgrounds, In our squares, our streets… And in our society.

And what is the best demonstration to make this reality visible from use To the best Scouts of the world, the one who knows every corner the best From our geography , and those that capture us as a society are more objective: Google Street View. Because walking through Google Street View , you can already see that The best victory in the Spanish league, It is he who earns it off the court. Because as society changes, what we see on the street changes.

With this procedure, La Liga wants to continue to show that women’s professional football is growing day by day, Street by street, square by Square, and it is increasingly present in our society.

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