Wimbledon 2024: Wimbledon puts Olympic Games under control


Wimbledon 2024: Wimbledon puts Olympic Games under control

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LA long and difficult stressful season brings with it many superficial changes that can generate injuries. In the year of the Olympic Games, this percentage increases, Since the fact that it is disputed on the clay of Roland Garros caused the sharing of grass and brick dust in the summer, With little time to adapt.

After the Earth Tour, which began in April and ended at the beginning of June, the green carpet entered the scene, And with it the physical problems, Something worrying for many tennis players who have pars as a goal in sight. The Olympic Games begin on June 26 , and De Muir’s injury was the latest in a long list Who has been setting his numbers since the first day of the tournament.

She suffers from a tear in the cartilage that connects the hip to the abductor

Alex de Muir, No. 9 in the professional tennis players association

The world No. 9 has sounded the alarm bells this morning, Doubt about his participation in the big event of 2024. “He suffered a rupture of the cartilage connecting the hip to the abductor. I felt a rustle and was assured that It was an injury with a high risk of getting worse.”, A sentence.

There were six withdrawals in the men’s draw , with Some very outstanding personalities like Dimitrov or horkach, Who also have doubts about their participation in the games. The women’s draw also suffered four withdrawals, Among them is one of the Spanish Jessica Pozas, What a way to beat the champion of the tournament.

The current Kampen, in serious doubt

However, these data are not the only thing that generates such anxiety. There were many tennis players , such as Zverev or Raducanu, who decided To finish their matches despite being clearly injured. With the games just around the corner, given that they will have to re-adapt to the mud, Any minimal setback can be the key to being able to participate.

If it breaks , we’ll have to see , but the games are in danger

Misha Zverev, brother of Alexander Zverev

In the case of Sasha, his knee is unknown , and He is waiting for medical tests to see if he will be able to recheck the gold medal It was realized in Tokyo 2021. “The doctor removed 40 ml of fluid from Sasha’s knee. Unfortunately, Now there are doubts about something worse. If it’s a fracture, we’ll have to see, but the games are in danger, ” his brother Misha assures going to Amazon Prime.

Jaber, the knee that brings Djokovic already limping, Sabalenka’s injury prevented her from playing Wimbledon… There are many tennis players from the upper parts of the ranking who are at great risk of missing pars, yet A weed tour that turned out to be expensive for one MS patient.

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