Who is mastantonio, the new target of Real Madrid?


Who is mastantonio, the new target of Real Madrid?

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EL Real Madrid continues its idea of continuing to comb the market for the youngest players and, as Marca told you , the next name on the list is Mastantonio, Real Madrid have already started negotiations to try to get his services.

Thus, whites are expanding their percentage of influence because in recent years they have focused their efforts on the Brazilian market and now it seems that it is Argentina The country where the eyes of the Madridistas hover.

The door has already been broken. He is very young, but he has a huge future ahead of him

Radel Fuentes, International analyst

On Good Nights and good goals, Raul Fuentes explains the River Plate midfielder Who, at the age of 16, is one of the most exciting football players in the country of La Pampa. “The door has already broken. It’s too early to compare him with a football player. He is an elusive player, he has hierarchy and with a lot of rudeness. At the moment he looks amazing but he is only a 16-year-old boy… You have to be patient”.

His natural position is a midfielder, the line on which the White team is looking for replenishment after the departure of Kroos and, most likely, the last season of Luka Modric. In just five matches so far this season, River Plate has already provided an assist and showed boldness unworthy of his age.

Franco mastantonio makes his debut as a river scorer at the age of 16

According to transfermarket, the most popular portal in terms of market ratings, it has a price of about ten million, although as Marka tells you, river will not leave for less than 40 million euros.

The Spanish past

Mastantonio could not have references to what Spanish football is and what it means. Which is that his uncle, Jose Ra Ramel Iglesias, He played in Barcelona’s youth categories and also wore Recreativo and lugero Aerts shirts, among others.

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