Where does the friendship relationship of Sebastien Yatra and Aitana with Rafa Nadal originate from


Where does the friendship relationship of Sebastien Yatra and Aitana with Rafa Nadal originate from

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Sebastien Yatra and Aitana They have been seen together several times this summer. The Colombian congratulates the Catalan on her 25th birthday, making it clear that although the relationship is not official, They continue to findos and maintain close contact.

Now , his last post on social networks, he was in Mallorca, with Rafa Nadal, friend of the singer. In addition to appearing in the pictures is the tennis player’s wife, Meri Beryl, and El’s sister, Maribel.

“I was not a professional tennis player to give my friends a chance:) (but a professional diver: watch the video at the end)“The Colombian wrote in an Instagram post that it looks like he threw himself off the boat into the water .

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Where does this friendship relationship come from?

The relationship between Sebastien Yatra and Rafael Nadal It dates back several years and was developed through personal and professional meetings that strengthened their friendship:

  • Mutual professional admiration: At first, yatra and Nadal admired each other in their careers. The singer has been seen at many of Nadal’s matches, while the Spaniard has been seen at many concerts.

  • A meeting in the summer of 2022: The personal relationship between the two was strengthened during the summer of 2022. While I was visiting Mallorca, Yatra met Nadal at a nightclub.

  • Friendship and tennis trainingSince then, the relationship has strengthened. Last summer, Yatra and Nadal met on a tennis court at the Academy of the latter. Yatra became Nadal’s pupil and, at the same time, an opponent during his training sessions before the clash with Carlos Alcaraz at the US Open.

  • Extending friendship with Aitana: The friendship between Yatra and Nadal also spread to other circles, as is the case with the interpretation of ‘Formentera’. A few weeks ago, she faced Nadal in a match at the Rafa Nadal Academy and came to propose a doubles match with Yatra and Karaz.

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