What are the options for Spain at the European Cup?


What are the options for Spain at the European Cup?

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SThe thing we have learned over time is that bookmakers, who usually use complex statistical methods, are usually very good at this type of event. In the end, it is the bookmakers themselves who put themselves at risk if they do not make correct calculations, so who can be trusted with these calculations?

To get an idea of the odds that bookmakers offer for the Spanish national team, we consulted the catalog , a leading gambling operator in betting.

Who are the favorites?

Well, unfortunately, Spain is not in the top 3 candidates in the interwiten rating. England and France start as favorites to win the title with 18.92% and 17.89%. Germany follows them with 13.10% and Spain looks like the fourth candidate with only 10.01%.

And what are the real options for Spain?

Well, for the Austrian bookmaker, Spain is more likely not to reach the semifinals with a probability of 61.14% while giving it a 21.27% chance of reaching the final.

These are the possibilities that he offers for each of the options discarded in the fall:

  • Champion: 9.00
  • Runner-up: 7.50
  • Semi-finals: 5.00
  • Quarter-finals: 3.75
  • Knockout stages: 3.25
  • Group stage: 8.00

On the interwayten they also offer bets on the performance of Spain to be able to bet on the number of goals scored or whether it will be eliminated in the penalty shootout. In this case, interweten estimates that Spain has a 59.74% probability of scoring less than 10 goals in the entire tournament and that it can be eliminated in a penalty shootout in 17.29% of cases.

In addition, interweeten has published a promotion for all users who bet on the Spain match where they can get a free bet for every goal scored by Spain in their matches:

  • If Spain scores a goal: free bet of 2
  • If Spain scores 2 goals: a free bet of 5
  • If Spain scores 3 or more goals: free bet of 11

Group B-group of death?

It seems that Spain did not have much luck with their group mates. Although they start as favorites to top the group (50.34%), they are competing with Italy and Croatia (7th and 10th with the greatest chances of winning the tournament).

For interwiten, Spain together with Italy will be the top 2 ranked with a probability of 49.02%. Likewise, it seems that Albania will be in last place with a probability of 66.27%.

It also offers bets on whether they will be in the top 2 (this bet has 2 winning predictions):

  • Spain: 1.20
  • Italy: 1.55
  • Croatia: 1.70
  • Albania: 6.50

The rest of the Euro 2024 groups

As you can see in the previous image, among the favorites of each group, Spain is the one that has the least probability of taking first place in its group. These are the odds of the winner in their group:

  • Germany (a): 1.35
  • England (C): 1.40
  • Belgium (e): 1.43
  • Portugal (F): 1.45
  • France (d): 1.55
  • Spain (B): 1.80

Also, in Group B it is where there are more surprise options (3 favorites of the finishing Group in position 2). These are the odds that you will be in the top 2 for the 3 favorites from each group:

  • Croatia (B): 1.70
  • Czech Republic (F): 2.10
  • Serbia (C): 2.15
  • Romania (e): 2.30
  • Hungary (a): 2.35
  • Austria (d): 2.35

Regarding the least favorites of each group, in this case it is also Group B in Spain where things seem to be clearer. Here are the interweeten odds for the last qualifiers in each group:

  • Albania (B): 1.40
  • Georgia (F): 1.50
  • Slovenia (C): 1.73
  • Slovakia (e): 1.80
  • Scotland (a): 2.10
  • Poland (d): 2.30

Be that as it may, surely this year’s edition will not disappoint, will Spain manage to pass quarters? Did he score less than 10 goals in the Championship as you say otherwise? Will he be eliminated in a penalty shootout? If you are one of those who have the obvious remember that “you put the knowledge and tangle of bets”.

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