“We’re going to be Olympic champions and we have to believe that now.”


“We’re going to be Olympic champions and we have to believe that now.”

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Adriana Cerezo Iglesias was one of the Spanish sports sensations at Tokyo 2021. The permanent smile of a young lady from Madrid stood with all the rudeness in the world, and also at an amazing level, in the Olympic final, and remained one breath away from gold. Now, a few months after pars2024, he knows that the scenario has changed. No longer a promise or unknown, she is one of the candidates to fight for her great dream: the Olympic gold medal.

Hancock is her idol, “I spent more hours here than at home,” she confesses at the hands of Jess Ramal, her coach; SoFi Mikkonen, the president of the club; and David, her father, who tries not to miss even one of his daughter’s trainings. Now, from the barrier ; when it was necessary, in a pandemic, even from sparring: “this medal is named after him. I ended up with osteoporosis in my hands, cracked ribs, was taking my tan… There is no marketing manager. It was like posing with a dog in a cage. I broke my Achilles, I think it was because I couldn’t stand the lady, ” he says with that eternal smile, recalling the confinement where his father ended up with an endless number of injuries.

There are only less than 100 days left for pars and Adriana Cerezo knows that this is nothing like the previous Olympic Games: “Three years ago at this stage I hardly knew if I could go to the OlympicsI remember that I was still a dream at that time.”One of the aspects that has changed MS is the vision,” the Blessed problem, we always complain that they give us a little ball and although it had to be regulated, it is the best thing that could happen to us.”

Taekwondo is a life insurance for the Spanish sport. In Tokyo it will be his turn, the role of Javi Perez Polo, Adrien Vicente and Cecilia Castro to play the medal again. Before, the European from Serbia next week always came up with the same speech: “I can win everything. We want to be Olympic champions and we will be, but we have to believe it now“, The speech of the branch worker.

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