We are moving very slowly against intolerance


We are moving very slowly against intolerance

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In this case, it is not worth pulling out historicism. The server has been watching football, live and from all categories, for half a century and what I have seen, heard and suffered is someone else’s shame. Something incredible…. It makes for a very sad book. Insults, attacks against referees, opponents, situations in the game that are not worth such a jamming. Also among the hobbies or whatever these Indians are called

People who do a lot of harm to the sport.

Now I discover much more sensitivity, more social criticism, more legal means available against idiots, lack of cover-up by clubs and the absolute intolerance of the majority of society,

But there is still one degree to climb, the summit of eliminating racist insults and all that list of disrespect that is breathed to a very noisy minority. They are still in the news, and it is necessary to increase the punishment of those who disrespect. An entrance ticket, a membership card or being a simple amateur do not legitimize ‘spitting’ in someone’s face while practicing your profession.

Can you imagine that in the middle of a play a voice or several came out of the amphitheater insulting an actor on duty? For example, it would be ridiculous, right? And don’t talk to me about passion.

Passion is not directed by disrespect. You want some color, as fortunately the vast majority who go to a sports show, but passion can go beyond that. Insult, belittle and touch the sensitivity of a person, with family, etc. Through, he deserves and needs legal, social and sports punishment.

Disrespectful people should be closed and expelled from such a beautiful and exciting thing as sports.

Football is already crazy.

Let’s continue on the path we have taken, but, please, hurry towards the harshness of the sanctions. Let’s not wait for something more insulting than we have already heard in order to put our hands on our heads.

We are about to have someone come up with a direct answer and then we will have to condemn him too, but of course, helplessness can provoke an episode that goes around the world. Please, let’s all be the ones who persecute fanatics and kick them out of the next seat, if we have the bad luck to coincide with a person who violates the minimum social rules of respectability. Like the sustainability of the planet, it is everyone’s task…

Let’s not wait for the authorities to solve it. This route is safe, but very slow. Let’s help law enforcement uncover the unwanted by publicly stamping them out.

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