Villarreal-Sevilla and Liga EA Sports: Kiki: “it’s okay to cancel two goals in a row”


Villarreal-Sevilla and Liga EA Sports: Kiki: “it’s okay to cancel two goals in a row”

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El Seville I broke him A streak of four wins and a draw, With Defeat In front of the Villareal. Kiki Sanchez Flores It showed Critical In the official media of the nervionense club when referring to The third goal From Villarreal. “Without serving as an excuse, it does not mean that it is reviewable, it is an obvious mistake. A two-handed push for Kiki. I said Isidro (Daz de Mira), who is Very good and brave Roberto, Which can be Cancellation of two goals away from home Respectively. He didn’t even go to VAR.“, Seal. The technician continued to analyze the defeat in SFC television And also in the press room.

Party suffered: “The intensity levels were not enough. The first four chances we have already received indicate a little about the intention of one team and another. They came out more easily and it was difficult for us to get into the game. We scored goals and made us compete, but we lacked intent. We competed, leaving even with the bitterness of losing the lead in the last minutes, but his goals came when we began to be calmer.”

Low Aqua: “We didn’t ask him what was going on, but it’s an important loss. Someone comes from Lesin, Pedrosa, and someone leaves, who is a strong and powerful player. These are the cases that we observe. We thank the people who came, it was an intense match against a good opponent. Sorry Not to add, but the team competed.”

Mistakes in the last minutes: “Sometimes players play their game and want to get out quickly and get to the opposing goalkeeper. Every Villarreal cross was a marvel , like Navas or lukipakio. There is a lot of level in these teams, but they can’t concentrate you so much or so easily. It was something we resented throughout the game.”

Players, no pressure: “They’re going to want to do it, and they’re going to try. If we were so bad, we would not have competed in the match with Villarreal until the last minute. It is true that now there is uncertainty about what will happen with attention and proactive levels because they have been very demanding for a long time, with a very high level of anxiety. The line that divides adventure and relaxation is very small. Therefore, we must be intense to remind them that this will end in two weeks. It’s not over yet.”

Two great teams at peak times: “I have said it many times, we miss a great team in Seville. The same thing happened to Villarreal during the season, they have great players. 22 good players gathered, as well as those who came out, because a wonderful spectacle was formed. As we say, try to compete in every game from here to the end and let them fall on our side.”

The importance of Nasiri: “I am sure he is a very important player for Sevilla. He is an open educational resource player and a great finisher. It’s impressive. He has a wonderful and unusual goal , he was on the verge of scoring two more. He is a player who has not missed this season. We were a team without neyseri, besides it proved that out of five matches I think we won one. When I returned, the team returned to the road. This and the appearance of Isaac made us have another team. You know that very well.”

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