Verstappen runs the McLaren team ; Carlos Sainz 4 for the podium, and Alonso 15


Verstappen runs the McLaren team ; Carlos Sainz 4 for the podium, and Alonso 15

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Max Verstappen He investigated in Austria The 40th pole of his sports career And the eighth of the season. He did it after looking very tight on Friday in sprint qualifying and on Saturday in the race Sprint, To find out where I can squeeze more time into Monday McLaren And Merciless execution of the plan To leave Away from Norris and Piastri,

There are Who regrets that Max is always in the lead , refraining from always winning the same, Many of them, The same people who celebrated every Hamilton record For eight years, without any opposition, only Nico Rosberg, with whom he fell defeated in 2016. But the fact is that the Dutchman has opponents now Two cars maybe faster, That pilots are being diluted by the mountain of extreme difficulty, where Hypoxia; In every attempt.

For the race, He is the favorite again , in a car he can only drive in the right way At the moment he is finding new ways to improve every time he feels challenged or burdened by someone.

And it’s not true that he always wins the same, Well, since Emilia-Romagna, a month and a half ago, the Poles lost in Monaco, Canada and Spain. At home his team regains the taste of the first in the playoffs.

Sainz fourth, Leclerc sixth for seeding

Carlos Sainz was better than Ferrari again, Stroking to the end of the third place in the course and Resist the fate being swallowed by McLaren and Mercedes.Russell She could handle him again , but Not Hamilton, not Leclerc , not Piastri, He dropped to seventh place by the limits of the track.

Mission Being on the podium, watch Ferrari’s problems In the morning sprint race with brakes, It seems very difficult, But Carlos will try to return to the wave of the beginning of the season.

Y His partner was pushed to the limit by Madrid, With an impressive improvement on the second attempt and He forced Monaco so much not to beat him that he ended up jumping over the curb And rolling through the seeding at the Red Bull Ring. The Initiative Return to Carlos To start the race and strategy.

Alonso, 15 with an old engine

It is true that Aston Martin was not for feats this weekend, but at least Fernando got to Q2 and did it while Stroll, his teammate, was eliminated in 17th place In Q1. For the Canadian, This is one of his best tracks of the year , but Fernando also learned from Friday and managed to overcome it this time, despite having The old engine.

He On the verge of useful life, but it was decided to wait for Silverstone to install a new one However, he took from her what she did not have. He is not happy , but He knows that there is nothing but scratching So there will be a change of course in the form of significant developments.

Q2: Sainz overtook second place and knocked out Alonso in 15th

Carlos was aiming high, To one of the first two lines, for barbecue, with Another great roll in which he fell only on a foreigner named Verstappen. He put more than four-tenths when this was the time gap from the second to the last in the second round.

Alonso could not continue to perform miracles and after the second Grand lap, perhaps insurmountable, the elimination fell as 15, Together with Tsunoda, Gasly Magnussen and Ricardo. The Surprises Those who entered Q3 were Czech Perez, After several dates out, Hulkenberg And Okun.

Q1: Sainz passed as the first and Alonso, at the limit , 15

A Sainz With a special bosom of the house , he overtook all rivals and Record the fastest time In the first elimination round, he accepted Piastri, Verstappen and Norris.

Alonso, Meanwhile, running out of new and used kits, Qualified in last place (15), Despite the fact that He was only 0.4 seconds behind Carlos ‘ time..Picnic This time Fell As 17 He will start behind the ASTRI, in his favorite circuit of the year and although there are no problems with his engine like the ASTRI.

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