Valencia see: the ‘risk value’ in Valencia that reaches the ‘Lim zone’: a workforce of 141 million in September to be valued today at 206


Valencia see: the ‘risk value’ in Valencia that reaches the ‘Lim zone’: a workforce of 141 million in September to be valued today at 206

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El Valencia It’s closed Fiscal year 2023-24 With the The success of being able to unite a young team in the first division After Doubts that arose last season and in the preparation of the current team Last summer by the club. The team finished in the middle of the table and saved it since the 32nd day of the league competition. A The success of Ruben Baraga and the teaching staff It should not be forgotten, it is The younger lady First-class: By age and experience.

But what really This team has won personal prestige. Because from the beginning of the season to the end, the total value of it has increased significantly. Today it is worth more than nine months ago This is a step forward for this Valencia.

Because the template, count Players that you own – Specifically 22 -, Tynan The value of 141.1 million euros at the beginning of the competition And When it ended EST at 206.95 million. The increase is significant.

The rise and fall of the value of the workforce in 12 months

There are very striking cases. Because there are more positive cases than negative ones (which also exist despite the increase in the collective value of this staff). But those that showed the greatest increase in value are Mamardashvili (It has switched from its value of 25 to 35), Javi Guerra (Out of 20 million), The flycatcher (From one to 15), Diego libez (From 1,5 to 12), Hugo Doro (From 4 to 16), Fran breeze (From 0.5 to 8), Yark (From 0.2 to 10) or Pepelo (From 4 to 16). These are the most striking cases of increased value. The players that Ms. Mercado may have in this Valencia present and who have responded in spades to assert themselves.

On the contrary, there were cases of violation. Hugo guillamen Not raising his head(he became equal to 25 million in a year and a half), the season began with a value of 14 kilograms and ends with eight. Or a case Cinq. Who was five and is now two. Cans Arrived from the Prime Minister maintain a high quotation value. It was 9 million years old but remained at the current 2.5 after the completed season.

With the evolution of the value of the Valencia team

Changes in the year (in bold those who won and underlined those who dropped)

  1. Mamardashvili (From 25 to 35)
  2. Jaume (From 1 to 0.9)
  3. Rivero (from 0.2 to 0.2)
  4. The flycatcher (From 1 to 15)
  5. Yark (From 0.2 to 10)
  6. Diakhabi (From 6 to 4)
  7. Cinq (From 5 to 2)
  8. Gay (from 30 to 30)
  9. Jess (From 3 to 2)
  10. Korea (From 8 to 6)
  11. Volker (from 2.5 to 2.5)
  12. Pepelo (From 4 to 16)
  13. Hugo guillamen (From 14 to 8)
  14. Almeida (From 20 to 15)
  15. Javi Guerra (From 2 to 20)
  16. Pablo guzzels (From 0.2 to 0.8)
  17. Diego libez (From 1.5 to 12)
  18. Fran breeze (From 0.5 to 8)
  19. Cans (From 9 to 2.5)
  20. Hugo Gonzalez (From 0.2 to 0.25)
  21. Hugo Doro (From 4 to 16)
  22. Antonio Marr (0.8 to 0.8)

* Transfer market value

Waiver of them does not count

Players on loan, laser treatment Peter Federico, Yaremchuk and Amalah, They do not fall into this assessment because today they are not the property of Valencia and the owner cannot take pieces from them. We are just waiting for a solution The case of Peter Federico Arriving in January. At that time its value was one million and today it is three.

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