Valencia CF: the new Mestalla, more stagnant than ever: “if we don’t reach an agreement, Lim will have an open bar from August”


Valencia CF: the new Mestalla, more stagnant than ever: “if we don’t reach an agreement, Lim will have an open bar from August”

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El Neo Mestalla It looks more stagnant than ever, especially after the spokespersons group meeting held on Thursday at ValenciaWhich adopt Urban planning files – The document that defines the rights and obligations of the club to move the country -. The Y He was left alone in his intention to convince his government partner, Foxx, Which maintains its position of ” a Lim No water “, nor for the parties now in opposition –PSPF And Compromise– Who are the ones who drafted those Symbols A year ago when they were at the head of the municipal enterprise.

In an afternoon of conflicting situations and high-sounding phrases, the thickest sentence came out of the mouth Juan Jenner, Consultant Urbanism: “The Symbols Which we have put on the table will not allow the club to enjoy urban advantages until it finishes Neo MestallaThe time has come to fully vote on it. The rest of the parties, when they were ruling, seemed to be fine for them and now they want to get tangled up. And if we do not have a guarantee that this will be issued, we cannot take them to the plenary. If we don’t reach an agreement, Lim Her bar will be open from August 3.”

If this date is reached without consent Urban planning files, And will return to the mode you designed Eat (The legal number that established the urban benefits of the promoter of the new stadium-club -) in 2015. But there will be worse consequences. If this date is reached without agreement , the normal thing is that the options have already begun to fly Valencia It is served as the headquarters of World Cup 2030. The club will not sign its commitment to the protocol FIFA As long as he did not have the agreement that allowed him to build the new stadium they were tied up and although The Union He wants to get pregnant Valencia Until the end, this period will be limited.

What happens if the municipal plenary does not approve the urban planning files before August 3?

Peter Lim will receive urban benefits without any obligation

Valencia will have the residential land for the current stadium and higher education for both fields without any commitment, such as the construction of the pinecap Sports Center. This is because the decree issued in 2022 – with the approval of the PSV and the Cumbres-suspends the licenses of the towers to be erected in approximately 76,000 square meters of residential buildings on the territory of the old and third Stadium (14,000 meters) of the Aragan enclosure Street and 40,000 in Cortes valencianas so that urban records are a reality. But I set a two-year deadline for this to happen.

The departure of the official speakers from the meeting made it clear that the positions are very far apart. Borja Sanjon, From the PSPF, Calling the meeting “disappointing” and reiterating that his political group’s position is “symbols, Urban Planning Agreement and endorsement” to ensure that once the works are started they are no longer paralyzed. “The mayor wants to give Lim Golf is a scam” Papi Robles, From Compromise, She was extremely harsh in referring to the mayor – who did not attend the meeting-as “a coward and showing complete incompetence”. He added: “He didn’t give us any documents .”

For his part, Juanma badinas, From FoxxDeca, it was the first time I saw Urban planning files And that I will not vote for Symbols Because that would be ” granting benefits to defaulters.”

With all this fairly well-known information, ” albeit not directly,” as he excused himself , the director of the company in Valencia, Javier solz He does not understand the lack of agreement between politicians. “I can’t imagine that the politicians in this city are unable to agree before August 3. It would be a failure for the city first and second to pass up Universality“, I insisted.

The choice of existence Mastala As a headquarters Universality “The readiness of the club is to have a stadium for the benefit of the club and then to have a stadium for the World Cup,”he emphasizes. He also ruled out the ratification of Peter Lim Being a ” project of Valencia, Who will keep the stadium, be the initiator and will have to pay for it.”

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