US Open: DeChambeau’s power stroke at the US Open


US Open: DeChambeau’s power stroke at the US Open

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COn Friday, the domain Pinehurst He showed his claws again, especially in the afternoon session, with some greens already quite difficult. This reduces the number of players who are under par in the tournament (8). In fact, it was a miracle to get under 70 and The lowest lap was Morikawa’s No. 66. At the US Open, there are a few chosen ones who decipher the traps prepared by the US Soccer Federation and get around them , and the Chosen One this year is Bryson DeChambeau, As already happened in 2020. However, the world left the tournament open with an unexpected double bogey at 16. He was the fifth victim of the Cadas that owns the Pinehurst Greens.

Sometimes he gave the impression that he could share this role with Ludwig Aberg, The player was called upon to do great things, but on the 13th hole the bunker shot ended up in the triple bogey of the Swede because his ball caught the slope of the green which moved it away in an exaggerated way. Rory McIlroy took advantage of the day and was very ambitious. He finished with 69 shots and gave the impression that his result could have been better. This will be the sixth consecutive US Open where McIlroy reaches the final round in the top 7. Norrelands discuss the win for Bryson, without omission Matteo Pavone, Patrick Cantlay or Hideki Matsuyama.

And he’s still in the fight Sergio Garca, Although it is true that the Spanish language requires a good stumbling in the world and an excellent performance on his part. Garka starts DA in the worst possible way, But he plays with Patience Which required the US Open, and therefore he got more than his Three early ghost (To 1, 3 and 4). I missed the win and also lacked luck , but One of the boreol did not give up and actually played very strong, Hit particularly good putts. Sign the 71 card and accumulate 211 hits. David Puig is also in a good position, with 212, being one of the few players who went below par on Friday and Saturday.

About the leader DeChambeau, it should be noted that He had to be seen by a physiotherapist during the third round, due to some hip problems that he is dragging. That s, he’s taking advantage of his position and shooting good putts. At 13 I left everyone hallucinating with a blow from the sandy area that surrounded the streets. Look for science as if it were nothing,and in fact no miracle empoc. This year, Bryson has everything to win. His superiority was obvious, but it’s up to him to finish on Sunday.

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