UEFA Women’s Champions League: the voices of the Champions League final


UEFA Women’s Champions League: the voices of the Champions League final

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The Champions League final to be played by Barcelona and Olympique Lyonnais on Saturday (at 18: 00) at the San mamas Stadium in Bilbao will be televised in Spain by DAZN, Los Angeles 1 and TV3. Andrea Segura, Alicia arvalho and Danai borunat will be in charge of listing what the three agree to define as “the best football match possible”.

“It’s the most important match of the year for the teams, the fans, the network itself and even for M. as a journalist, so he prepares in a special way so that no details escape,” he admits Andrea Segura, journalist of La Sexta and jujonice secure for her role as narrator of DAZN. “The preliminary match is more tense because you want everything to go well, but as soon as the ball starts rolling, you really enjoy it. The goal is to convey this passion to all the people who are watching us and I hope that we will achieve it”.

“European competition has that emotional plus. Getting the title is very complicated and desirable by clubs, which makes us journalists who have to cover this event, live it with the same emotions. The narrative of the Champions League final is a dream come true. I feel very lucky, ” she says Alicia arvalho, RT journalist, Which, like the other two Champions, was already in Eindhoven last year.

Rituals, amulets, improvisations

The three narrators will be present at the cathedral to tell everything that is happening live. “Doing the match in a booth is always different from living on the pitch, more in this case because San Mames is one of the temples of Spanish football,”says Andrea, who also talks about what you can’t see. “Sometimes I’ve had to Mutate me (Microphone muted), take a breath and tell me: ‘okay, concentrate and keep going’. When I narrate, I try to put feelings aside, but sometimes it’s hard not to get hit by that tension, emotion or tension that the heroes convey to you from the center,” says Andrea.

“I like to get to the stadium with plenty of time to see the players on the pitch and try to get some time to focus on myself. I like to notice during the warm-up in shoes, hairstyles,… Because, as I look regular even though I wear contacts, it helps me differentiate the guys, ” she says Danae borunat, daily magazine presenter on RTV Catalonia and narrator on TV3, Who cannot forget his case with his colorful signs by which he notes the incidents of each team.

Distributed patronage

“I like to write the names, surnames and bibs of the two teams on the board with a football field, in a different color for each team, which should be the color of the shirt they wear in that match. In addition, in the notes I always carry the information I need and a form with photos and individual information about each player,” says Alicia. “Then I try to start the matches the same way, with the typical” greetings, how about?, Hello and welcome to the stadium…’. He was thinking about turning this phrase, so common, into his own character, always trying to distinguish women and men in the greeting, so that they would also be taken for granted in the letter”.

This will be the third time Barcelona and Lyon will meet in the Champions League final , the two teams that will participate in the last nine continental titles. “Against any other opponent I will say that Barra is the very favorite, but against Lyon I will say that it is 55-45 in favor of bar Irma. “They are the two best teams in the history of women’s football,”says Andrea. “I think Lyon is better than Barcelona. The level of the Spanish league distorts reality, but in the Champions League semifinals against Chelsea we saw a weak team. “French women have a brutal rhythm and intensity, they are wolves, and the Bara will have to be very careful in transitions,”says Danai. “If Barcelona knows how to stay true to their style of play and overcome the pressure and nerves of facing the French, they could have many options to win the title,” arvalho highlights.

Batley , Aitana, Dumornay, Renard…

Set to talk about the protagonists, Danai Siala una Batley and Melchi Dumornay as players to follow. “Una is living the final in a special way because it could be her first Champions League. This season is at an impressive level, and although she is small and the stage is very big, she wants to see it and can be the capital of her team”. “The Haitian reminds me of Messi because of the power he has on the down train. It has a purpose, a material Harbinger and it is very difficult to detect it because it can manifest both at the tip and at either end”.

On the other hand, arvalu pulls Classics It refers to Aitana bunmat Wendy Renard. “Aitana is the necessary equipment for the machine room of the Irma bar team to work. He breaks lines, establishes connections in the construction of plays, attacks spaces well, is smart and knows how to read plays, in addition to having amazing footwork. She’s always there when you need her, ” he said. “Both by the veteran and the skill in the Ario game, it can be decisive. She is strong and accurate. Always in good shape and attentive. He attacks every wide ball, both in defense and in attack. It is very complete and also has a peculiar character, ” Ade.

Working and rest days

The previous Das is the DAs that The narrators put a lot of work, preparation and rest to get to the best possible conditions , imagine how the final could happen and think about getting ready. “I would like it to be a very close match with a lot of goals, but the title was decided in the last minute of the match, at the peak. I would like all of us to remember this final as the final in which it was decided in the last breath and the narrator went completely crazy,” says Alesya, like Danai, coming out of a catarrh operation.

In the story since thenPatrie Gigaro was born for moments like these‘With a Segura Fire II a lot of the Irma bar that corrected the comeback in Eindhoven last year. “That was what I got at that moment, completely spontaneous. I remember asking Sandra (Sanchez-Riquelme-commentator -) if it happened to me… I think people like him, I think because they mostly won, and they remind me of him a lot on social networks. I wish there was another time like this this year!”, Ending. Warm up the engines (throats), and the game starts now…

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