Tour de France 2024: France’s party in Italy does not end: Vauquelin wins in Bologna and bojacar wears yellow


Tour de France 2024: France’s party in Italy does not end: Vauquelin wins in Bologna and bojacar wears yellow

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LThe celebration of France in Italy has no end. After the memorable victory of Romain Bardet, Kevin Vauquelin crowned in Bologna. Another representative of a modest team, one of those who put pressure on Movistar In the points classification, he prevailed in the second stage after completing an unforgettable escape on another day that turned into a hell of heat and humidity.

The other winner was from Da Bojacar who wanted yellow ahead of jalibir. The Slovenian had warned. San Luca was a challenge for. The Slovenian has never won such a height, which is the highlight of the Giro della Emilia. Roglic could be with El in 2023 and Enrique MAS did the same in 2022, In the last triumph of the art de Arte de Azul. The habit of shoveling in Lombarda is maintained by tadege, but San Luca is one of the heights that he will want to conquer. Now he gave her yellow.

“In San Luca there will be more differences,” he said yesterday Bogachar. Everyone was walking with stiff ears, but, surprisingly, it was Visma who led the first ascent. With Pinot on top and laminating the leak feature by going fast, The Dutch team intends to master the first ascent to the obvious level. Everything is under control, even Bugakar accelerates a few meters from korunar. Vengegard and Remko jumped on his wheel , but the Slovenian was only looking for water.

‘Warning’ to be removed Van art. The Belgian was very excited after winning third place on the first day of the candidates race, in the first serious test he took after his recovery, but in San Luca Rebel is in the first step.

Vingegaard responds in San Luca II

In the second San Luca The photo has arrived. The expected Mrs. bogacar launches himself with a dry attack , moving his shoulders with that hypnotic movement and Vingegaard is Falk his wheel. A short shot , again, as the Victory approached, but it tempted his great rival who reacted aggressively. Together they launched into the descent knowing that the stage had been lost , but with Dan proves that there are no mental consequences after the etzulia drama. Because tadeg pressed him as he came down. Because tadeg does not forgive, Milliseconds when the yellow color is in play.

Christian and Nelson, on the run

Nelson Oliveira (Movistar team) and Christian Rodriguez (ARCA-B & B hotels) were leaked in the DA escape. They formed a group of 10 pilgrims Who is the leader of the mountain, Abrahamsen (one o) and such good rollers as Vauquelin. They worked in Armona until the first pass through San Luca, when Oliveira She lights firecrackers that take vuklin and dot’s polka-dot shirt to Rueda. He was a bad adventure partner Vauquelin, who jumped on the second step to end a memorable day for and managed to win for the first time in his first round. Italy sits big for the French in this heat-scorched Grande Boucle which Bojakar wears yellow after 719 days.

Classification of the second stage of the tour

Tour de France general classification

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