The UK is preparing for a short-term disaster and asks its citizens to be on the alert


The UK is preparing for a short-term disaster and asks its citizens to be on the alert

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DFrom the United Kingdom, Some accredited personalities are sounding the alarm for their compatriots to prepare for the following years. The unstable situation on the geopolitical canvas and the memory of the recent global pandemic are to blame for this issue.

Oliver Duden, Deputy Prime Minister of the performance appraisal system, He advises his compatriots to prepare emergency plans In the face of possible emergencies that arise in the UK, as reported by the Daily Mail. Supermarkets have already commented that there should be no beniko in this matter, especially in view of the fact that there is no shortage of the main chains of carrots.

The UK is preparing for a cat...

According to British government sources, The goal is not to be an “alarmist”, but to apply “common sense”. In this line, purchases will be allocated for basic food, radios, candles or bottled water for three-day survival in a survival kit. The government has opened a website for citizens to find out the most dangerous areas and plan for possible nuclear attacks or floods.

Andrew Opie: “we are confident that we will be up to the challenges ahead”

For his part, Andrew Opie, director of food and sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, And stated in MailOnline that ” retailers have done an excellent job of ensuring that protected areas have access to food and other basic necessities during the pandemic , and We are confident that they will be up to the challenges ahead“.

“Although it is more reasonable to have more food at home, Most households will find that they already have enough non-perishable products in the closet“, He added. The expert noted that this kind of behavior makes sense in the face of possible future emergencies on the islands. One of the most worrying issues is flooding in the coastal regions of the country.

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