The problems plaguing France that Deschamps must solve if he wants to bring Belgium to its knees


The problems plaguing France that Deschamps must solve if he wants to bring Belgium to its knees

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France already has its mind on Belgium after yesterday’s rest and reflection. Les plus are in the knockout stages, something more than expected, but their journey to the first intersection raises many doubts. The climax came on the third day, after de Deschamps could not defeat Poland, which was playing only for pride, since they had already been eliminated. However, The feeling is that Deschamps does not finish hitting the key and has not achieved a clear style at this start. True, he has never been a crazy team because of his game, but he won and scored goals, which has not happened so far. This devastating fact is enough: in all three matches he could not finish a single offensive move in the goal: The goal against Austria was Weber’s own goal and yesterday’s penalty was converted by Mbappe. On the defensive level, it is true that only Poland and penalties managed to do something , and this Defense is the only line that seems clear, But it is also true that he received a lot of chances in the three matches. These are the main doubts that haunt les plus:

Without a clear system or eleven: France started after two friendly matches in which Deschamps ‘ doubts were already seen, especially about what role Griezmann should play. The coach does not see him one hundred percent and unsuccessfully tried to put him in the second finish. In the third he was a substitute. It started with Marcos Turam and ended with barcola on this left side, although it is true that the PSG player is screaming for more minutes. The only thing that seems clear is that Deschamps ‘ goal is to make the eleven in which Killian feels more liberated, as he saw against Poland. Throughout the group stage he tried with 4-4-2 to get back more to 4-3-3. In the midfield, there were also changes. Kant came on strongly against the loss of chuamni in the first match. The idea was to play with one axis, but with the return of the Madridistas he played with these two players. Close chuamny and before Kant and Rabiot. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to change. Where there are no doubts about the defense. Despite the fact that obamekano failed a ridiculous penalty kick against Poland, they united with a cross in the center with wingers Theo and kond.

Adoption of Mbappe and goal dryness

Relying on Kylian Mbappe and the second scorer: it was a blow for the national team. In the end he recovered, but the play diminished with the mask of the entire tournament. The team revolves around its star, too much competition, and lack of goal proof. France has not won the last seven matches in which its star did not start: two defeats and five draws. At this Euro, Austria’s goal was born in his goal from his move and he is responsible for scoring the penalty kick against Poland.

A lot of noise before the elections: France also did not start what is said to be focused on football. In the run-up to the premiere against Austria, Mbappe’s famous press conference came to warn of the danger of his country’s coming to political power from extremism, referring to the rise of the far-right party, something that chouamni second, before the words of 10 Dembele and Thuram warned. Rabiot and Griezmann also encouraged people to vote but asked that the debate not be included in the selection. The union had to make a statement, right before the Mbappe press room, because there were serious doubts that it would have the desired effects. The fact is that France, in addition, is facing this week a preparation for the eighties in the middle of the election campaign: playing just a day after the first round of legislative elections.

The Griezmann case: Deschamps was not seen comfortable at all before the questions about replacing Griezmann Against Poland. In principle, his position in the team did not change and it was only rest. It is in any case something unexpected and less in the player who, together with Deschamps, only missed the last two friendlies last March due to physical problems, having completed as many as 84 matches in a row, so this was the first time with a technical decision. “Tennis already has bones to crack“, The coach answered somewhat irritated after a new question about the condition of Rojiblanco. At eight Griezmann should return to eleven. He is the second captain since Deschamps gave stripes to Mbappe after the departure of Lloris, but the relationship between the captains, as we see in this concentration in Paderborn, is very good. It is up to France to cover up all these problems if it wants to go far in this Euro.

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