The president of Asturias responds to Paco Gonzalez with his harsh words: “dignity and respect”


The president of Asturias responds to Paco Gonzalez with his harsh words: “dignity and respect”

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COntina is on Tug of war Between the President of the Principality of Asturias, Socialist Adrien Barbin, And Journalist Paco GonzalezDirector of the program ‘tempo de juego’ from the Cobb network. After some statements in which Gonzalez confirms that “Asturias is a community that cannot boast too much“, The Asturian president chose to respond to it through social networks, listing a series of aspects that asturians can boast of: “We can boast of being humble, hardworking, loyal, people with values, supportive, bringing out their future… And that we are not a few lacking“, Posted on the tenth, and concluded the letter with “Not everyone can say the same“.

After this, these Mercules The journalist reacted in a very sharp and sharp way to the Asturian PresidentHe explained, ” he can’t stand up.”Demagogic lessons“From a politician and a VPL, indicating that he will not tolerate “It’s not once in your whole life that you give me lessons about how hardworking or humble people work in Asturias. In your life you will tell me that again as if I didn’t know how people are in Asturias“, He is clearly annoyed by Barb’s response: “Let it be very clear to you, Barben, Barboncito…no I am lamifalcon“, He commented.

However, The topic did not remain ah , as Barbin himself was again pronounced through his profile on the social network X, Where he published a brief letter in reference to the harsh words of Paco Gonzalez.

Adrien Barbin: “in my family they taught me the meaning of the words respect and dignity”

The president of the Principality of Asturias shared a message in the middle of the afternoon on Wednesday, June 19, in which he wrote the following: “In my family I learned the meaning of the words respect and dignity. No one expects anything else from me“, He defends himself in this way from the words of Paco Gonzalez and continues with her by crossing statements between the two.

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