The penultimate round of Segunda live: promotions to Primera, ‘playoffs’ and relegation


The penultimate round of Segunda live: promotions to Primera, ‘playoffs’ and relegation

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Ferrol 1-1 ligané

Gol del Ferrol. 45 minutes. The brand name Alvaro C. ermenez. Leganes will not be promoted after this tie and the race still has no playoff options.

Burgos 0-1 Tenerife

Tenerife goal. 29th minute. The brand name Enrique Gallego Penalty. Burgos will run out of playoff options.

Ferrol 0-1 ligané

Legan ERX’s goal. Minute 16. The brand name Miguel de la Fuente. Leganis will be in first place and racing without playoff options.

Cartagena 0-1 Huesca

Huesca’s goal. Minute 13. The brand name ELDI For the whole Huesca. Huesca and Eldense will be saved.

Racing 0-1 Zaragoza

Zaragoza’s goal. Minute 4. The purpose of Ivan azun It allows the Masters to be mathematically memorized. The race is still in the playoffs (fifth).

About to start the day in eleven fields: Carlos Belmonte, Lezama, El Plante ERMO, cartagonova, Martinez Valero, Ciutat de Valencia, El Sardinero, a Malata, Carlos Tartier, El Moulin Ermen and Zorrilla.

The day starts with Ligané and Valladolid In the direct ascent. Eibar, Espanyol, racing and Oviedo In the playoffs and Amorbita, alcork ocean , Andorra and Villarreal (B) In the descent to the first rack.

Legan Ermes and Real Valladolid have the first opportunity to certify direct promotion in a sporty way As long as they score the three points in their matches against Racing de Ferrol and Villarreal B, respectively, and Sociedad Deportiva Eibar they do not win in the gig ocean against Real Sporting.

Specifically, Villarreal B and Andorra are obliged to win the remaining two matches so as not to lose the category and wait for their direct rivals so that the permanence loses points along the way. Of the last four qualifiers, amorbita relies only on himself for salvation, while alcork ocean must win at least four out of six possible points and is waiting for Miranda Ermes, with whom he lost the goal average, also leaves points.

The calculations are complex and the possibilities are very wide for the 22 teams of the hypermotion Liga. With only 180 minutes left to play at this normal stage, it remains only to enjoy the excitement of a class like no other.

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