The Pacers beat the Knicks in a choral match and advanced to the Eastern finals


The Pacers beat the Knicks in a choral match and advanced to the Eastern finals

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POr for the first time since 2014, The Indiana Pacers will compete in the Eastern Conference Finals After the defeat Knicks at Madison Square Garden 109-130. This was the only away victory in the series, but the most important , which meant victory, 4-3 , and qualification to the penultimate round in which They have been waiting for the Boston Celtics for a long time.

The Pacers ‘ starting was better, more focused, calmer and less tense. From the very beginning of the game it becomes clear that the Knicks They feel more pressure. The New Yorkers started the game by experimenting with putting the injured / recovering on the court, from the very beginning Anonobe and Hart. Anunobi held out for five minutes and went to the bench, having made the two field goals he scored, a three-pointer and a two-pointer. I never played again.

Hart s was there throughout the game. Well, not all because with one minute to go he was eliminated due to errors. 0 out of 4 in triples showed He was not feeling well and that was noticeable in his game.

And if that’s not enough, New York lost due to injury to Jalen Bronson, Who breaks his hand trying to avoid a basket of Halliburton. A star of Knicks smash hands on Pacers point guard’s knee He never left to return, with 17 points in 29 minutes and 6 of 17 shooting on one of his worst nights. But nothing to blame To the player who brought the phenomenal Knicks here From this season. Just Gloria.

The The Pacers were honest with themselves.. Fast and very cheerful attacks so competently undermine the defensive resistance of a team, the Knicks, excessively punished by injuries (Randall, Bogdanovich, Robinson… All are low).

Indiana began Early to establish leads , 27-39 at the end of the first quarter , and 30-52 With 8 minutes to go until the break. The tragedy in Madison that was Loss of power in terms of noise like Pacers They controlled the game.

Team Rick Carlisle came into the break with two key pieces of information. 76.3% From successful field goals in the first half it was the best percentage in the fifth half of the game for 25 years. In addition, 20 times the team reached the break with a score of 15 points or more From the advantage in the third game, they always win it. Now this balance is 21-0.

The The Knicks appealed to their pride in an attempt to return and they came To reach six points, before part of 7.20 Pacers to make a difference again. At 84-101 the game could change, but the Knicks needed defense and they no longer do it. Arin put the final to them 99-112 , but it was a mirage. In fact, Indiana has already bought a ticket to play the Celtics.

Six Pacers players reached double figures in scoring, five rookies, Halliburton (26), Nimvard (29), Siakam (20), Nesmith (19) and Turner (17), the lady McConnell (12). Mrs. coral, no way.

In the Knicks, who finished the game cheered by his fans in a stamp of gratitude for the season, a huge DiVincenzo With 39 points and 9 of 15 on three-pointers, Burks A great game with 26 points, and Bronson 17. The rest, very little.

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