The impressive presentation of’ crazy ‘ t. Digger: the best player, 13 recoveries, 100% of duels won…


The impressive presentation of’ crazy ‘ t. Digger: the best player, 13 recoveries, 100% of duels won…

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EFor Germany-Denmark ended with Arshdiger On the floor he celebrates the clearance as if he had scored the goal that gave his team the pass to the next round. It was a reflection of Another perfect match from the center German, His name is MVP The match is after a flawless defensive workout. Data does not deceive: 13 payback, Four shots in the box are blocked, two key crosses in the box, two interferences, 100% of aerial duels are won… The recitation did not go unnoticed by UEFA, nor by his teammates, who embraced him as a hero after the match.

Arshdiger He got to the octavus duel between algodonis, having missed two training sessions due to muscle problems. He went out to play, in fact, with a bandage on his biceps femoris, but nothing prevents him from shining. He was a giant and lasted the whole match even though he took all kinds of blows. He gave two scares, making a fear of injury after avoiding two goals, but finished the match without problems.

Avoid t. Digger also received a yellow card, so he will be able to play the quarterfinal match. We’ll see if it’s against Spain or Georgia. The Real Madrid player plays on the wire from the first round, Since I saw a card in the second half against Scotland. Since then they have been playing well, but he was immaculate for three matches in a row. He lacks one, if he passes the round, to finish the penalty and be able to play more freely. Despite seeing him on the field, nothing makes one think that the card makes him uncomfortable.

One hundred percent ramdiger

Nagelsmann emphasized in the run-up to the match that romerdiger was a vital player for the team and that’s why it was worth waiting for him and forcing himself on him. Because as it happens for Real Madrid, for Germany he is also more than a defender. “He is a leader,” they refer to both Ancelotti Like the German coach, they value this point of madness as a key element of their leadership. When the team is going through the worst, rumerdiger always seems to support the team in defense. That’s how it happened against Denmark.

Of course I would like to play against Spain , I have three great friends there

R. Digger, for Radio Marca: “Spain? I have three good friends there.”

In attack, he was also an important player, he gave a good ball and found the attackers with those long passes that are difficult for opposing defenders to detect. After 10 minutes, he found Havertz and was about to score the striker with a shot. Schmeichel avoided it.

In the mixed zone, rumerdiger, genius and personality, was sincere about waiting for the German opponent in the quarterfinals: “of course I would like to play against Spain, I think it will be a great match and I have three great friends there… But Spain is playing tomorrow.”The central does not trust.

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