The fireballs, with a big bang, come out; Ram ends up with a bad taste in his mouth


The fireballs, with a big bang, come out; Ram ends up with a bad taste in his mouth

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LOS fireballs, the team led by Spaniard Sergio Garca, began as the Nashville live shot, the ninth test of the 54-hole tournament. By the teams they lead the rating, with a four-stroke advantage over the Breakers (-10) of the new winner of the US Open, Pearson DeChambeau. As an individual title, it is the Mexican Abraham Unser (fireballs) who rules the tournament with -7 at the Grove Stadium, a design by Greg Norman.

Nashville Live rating

Round 1

  1. Ibrahim Anser (MKs): -7
  2. Terrell Hatton (engineer): -6
  3. John Catlin (United States of America): -5
  4. Eugenio Chacara (Spain): -4
  5. Sebastien muse (Colonel): -4
  6. Bryson DeChambeau (USA): -4
  7. Sam Horsfield (engineer): -4

The event was very well received, so it means that the city of Nashville gets a first-class audition, and the presence of DeChambeau contributed to this. His exit from the tee from the 1st-next to the Ram – was multiple. On top of himself the aforementioned Unser began, chasing a hit by Terrell Hatton (-6). After El, John Catlin (-5) and then the Spaniard Eugenio Liz Chacara appears, who premiered a week ago in the ‘majors’.

Madrillo’s performance since overcoming hip problems has improved a lot, proof of this was his performance on Friday. His ability to make birdies is increasing week by week: seven are achieved in the first round. There are still a lot of tournaments left, but in 54 holes it is necessary not to start already. The result is identical to the company DeChambeau.

Sergio Garca (-3) also started in tune, which is that whoever gets lost stays out of the fight at the first change. The fourth fireball, David Puig, rallies at -2, although there were times when he drove even with -4 and took the ball to the green with great ease. A great result for the team. Jon Rahm, who has a foot injury that prevented him from playing the US Open, started his journey at the grove with -1 and two final worries.

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