The European Cup that ended the patterns


The European Cup that ended the patterns

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Don’t tell him, I don’t want to give him the reason. Let him read it if he wants. Miguel Angel Lara has been telling me for a long time that there is no better team than Spain and that most of them do not play pepper in every match I watch his voice come to me like a whisper. Look at what he knows.
If we conduct a survey among football fans about what is the style of play in euroco

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Perhaps the most frequent answer is: “bad”.

No abuse of possession is imposed, no closed defense to look for negatives, no back-and-forth matches…

The European Championship is one survival exercise after another where there is no more style than winning

, Be that as it may. That’s what it’s all about in the end, right?
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. What matters here is winning.

If you win by playing poorly no one is going to go to your home phone to tell you how badly you have played

. But don’t play as much as you can and go home in the rooms, you’ll see how someone stops you on the street and tells you four things.

This has already been perfectly clarified by Ancelotti who I imagine that no one will blame him anymore that his teams do not play at all

. Pep and L are two of the biggest winners of the European Championship.

Which teams would play better if they had them on the bench?

Spain , in the context of the European Cup,

He’s doing a perfect job

. He plays to win matches and wins them. It also does this by changing the script as appropriate. Joel a


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, Raymond L


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From the European Championship he has a revival after conceding 1-1 in 89′. I am curious to know how we will beat France in the semifinals.

Because we will beat France in the semifinals.

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