The CSD is looking for control and a familiar face , but it needs Rocha as president to save the European Championship


The CSD is looking for control and a familiar face , but it needs Rocha as president to save the European Championship

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The steering committee of the Supreme Sports Council It met on Thursday morning and the big announcements made by some stayed for the next meeting, scheduled for Tuesday 30 and in which it is assumed that they will talk and decide to put Pedro Rocha And the rest of the management committee of the Federation. There is a risk of punishment for subsequent consequences towards making this decision. At the moment, Rocha continues to demand recognition for what is his, which is the electoral victory, No matter what happens next.

In parallel, the commission on Sustainable Development has established a “committee of supervision, normalization and representation that will protect the work of the Royal Spanish Football Federation over the coming months in response to the crisis of the federation and in defense of the public interest of Spain,” the issued statement reads. We are looking for a recognizable face with a glorious past in Spanish football to be the image of the above-mentioned Commission , which It must coexist with the Federal presidency, to avoid the situation becoming intrusive.

According to the commission on Sustainable Development, ” the government of Spain adopted this decision to correct the serious situation that the union is going through. At the head of this supervision, the standardization and Representation Committee will be independent persons with a recognized status.”

Without the European Cup and outside Europe

The problem arose minutes after the announcement of the decision , as football bodies, especially UEFA, recorded that government intervention meant exclusion from the competition Teams and selections, starting with the European Championship next summer. FIFA keeps an eye on everything.

This means that the federation must have its own independent governing body, which has the body established by the commission on sustainable development when it comes to decisions to be made, but to a certain extent. They called him supervision., But it was proved once again that desire cannot go ahead with the rules.

The knot is still irrevocable, but the conversations of the past few days have been about that, but everything went up in the air the night of the merkul with aThe intent of the punishment is certain that Rocha, Nothing happened and the so-called government intervention.

Next steps:

What will happen from now on? On Friday, the Electoral Commission will have the floor to announce Pedro Rocha as president. On Thursday afternoon, Miguel Gal transferred to Tad a new appeal against tad’s decision to validate the association and Rocha’s approvals, which puts in doubt the step to be taken during Friday and that the federation needs to face several crucial decisions in the coming days.

Rocha just wants to be recognized for what he is and what he will not do is endanger the existence of Spanish football. Pending the decision of Tad or the steering committee of the CSD, Rocha will take over, to immediately call elections to the assembly And it could lead to a new president in October at the earliest. While the figure of the president is necessary, continue so that football does not stop at any time. Until one appears, in the football city of Las Rosas and in the World Cup candidacy, no one moves a finger or signs a document.

Pedro Rocha is just looking for That he is not identified with the recent past in which he participated and participated, but from which they have long been excluded, that this accusation disappears and which Rubiales should announce next Monday at the Majadahonda stadiums and in a possible service to football. Oribes flees from him because of this accusation, and that the magadahonda court has not yet informed the reason.

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