Terrible Italy: “we are destroyed”


Terrible Italy: “we are destroyed”

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Luciano Spalletti celebrated a shield with Knowles a year ago. The title did not lift the Neapolitan painting from Little Maradona. It is expected that the name of the coach is already history in a city that lives and breathes only football. After only 12 months, he left the stadium with an empty stare and the responsibility of an entire country on his back. Italy leaves the euro with the feeling that the future is darker than the present.

Grab the project that was running out in the hands of Roberto Mancini, Campeonato Europeo (2021) and outside the 2022 World Cup, He was eliminated in the playoffs by North Macedonia , which is a big blow for a nation that was not used to such surprises, although it Also absent in 2018 It was clear that the path to success was running out, and it was necessary to look the other way.

Daniel Dal zenaroEve

“There is a possibility to build something, but It takes a little longer. I didn’t have many, if you look at my predecessors, almost everyone had more matches than me,” Spalletti said after the elimination against Switzerland. The coach’s sights are set on the World Cup, although he must first talk to the Italian federation, in a flurry of criticism towards his character after the role he played in Germany. “They have always behaved like serious professionals with me and we will see what we have to say. The responsibility is always with the coach.”, Spalletti admits that he knows that he is in the eye of a hurricane.

“We have been destroyed.”

Gianluigi Donnarumma, Goalkeeper and captain of the Italian national team, qualified to “Terrible”, performance by Switzerland Of his team that meant the elimination of the European Cup he commented that, he and his teammates, they are “Destroyed” by defeat. The cross-Alpine goalkeeper admitted that it was really difficult for him to “find the words for tonight” because they played a “very bad match”.

Donnarumma:”the match was terrible . We have been destroyed.”

He did not want to be found guilty, “Justice is everyone’s business.” He admitted that the overall performance of the team throughout the tournament was not enough for the Italian national team.

As a leader, he turned to amateurs to ask forgiveness for bad results. “It’s right to apologize to all the people who came here, But you have to reboot and move on knowing that we can do much better.”

Daniel Dal zenaroEve

Now everything looks very dark in the Italian calcium, The 2026 World Cup is on the horizon as a new challenge to return the Azzurra to the place it has always been historically, Playing the final cases and being a team is very difficult to overcome. We’ll see if he does it or not with Spalletti at the helm of the team.

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