Tenerife: Abelardo, the best place to train Tenerife


Tenerife: Abelardo, the best place to train Tenerife

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LThe CD Tenerife season ended with defeat in Cartagena. There is no MS to scratch.there is no MS to scratch. Garitano tried, but it’s history. The Basque is no longer on the island. I’ve known about it for weeks. He also knows that the club has been working on his replacement for months: “I just hope that the pandemic will not come and that something will happen for all these great coaches on the list to come here,” he said sarcastically in his last public appearance.

The Chosen One is Abelardo. Gus Miguel Garrido loves the Asturian. He is the Chosen One because his style matches what Tenerife wants for its 2024/25 project. The coach is organized in defense and bold in attack.

I respect Garitano

From the club they not only deny this information, but also confirm contacts with Abelardo. But they demand respect from the current coach. They understand in the Tenerife CD that when the season ends there will be time to talk about the next project

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