Tavares, Campazzo and Yui revive Madrid and blow up Barra


Tavares, Campazzo and Yui revive Madrid and blow up Barra

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UN Da after getting to know each other Renovation of Tavares For five years and five million gross per year, The giant began to earn his salary. The jug as the best bfut in Europe and this is (18+15+2 caps and 35 reviews) He was joined by the best version of Campazzo(20 + 10 assists and 31 ratings) And the Yue Zhong is one of his best times, that with four three-pointers in a row At the beginning of the last quarter, the duration of Breaking the bar (97-78) To add the first victory in Semi-final match Top five.


He was A convincing victory over his sworn enemy That Madrid and its stars took off in one fell swoop Bad taste in the mouth of the EuroLeague Final And they gave joy to their diocese, which it needed after the disappointment of Berlin. And that that Barra never gave up. I returned to the match after losing by 23 points (61-38, 24 minutes) And I got 8 thanks mostly for Ricky (8+4+10 ) and profetula (13). But the Four boaladas from lol At the beginning of the last act they were necessary human beings for them.

Tavares and Campazzo , in their best version

Tavares and Campazzo, Two SEALs in the EuroLeague Final, They took over the party From the initial jump. Bfut (8+3+1 Tabin) and point guard (7 + 2 assists), They ordered the first breakaway from Los Blancos (17-9, min 6). Satoransky, Willy and Zone defense 1-2-2 They gave Azulgranas (19-14) air. But abaldi and Chacho, recently on the court, have widened the gap (24-14, min 10). Parra could not run, had problems with static attack (1/7 three times) and He did not close the zone (18 points are included in the scoreboard).


I corrected that last difficulty in the second term , repelled the Madridista attack, during the attack Aggressive da Silva, loaned by Veseli, He was driving Part of 2-11 To get it in the match against the second unit Madrid (26-25, min 16). Chus Mateo returned to court a Tavares And CampazzoAlthough the Bara, Mistake of the trio (2/12), I got to move on after the technique to calm down (30-31), The change came into effect. Two three-pointers from the Argentine point guard and Eight points from yaboseli (Two triple throws and a circus half-hook basket over the Horn) allowed White to break through again (44-36, min 20)

Campazzo, in the earthquake and a partial 17-2 position

Madrid has not lost this stalemate and I came out like a hurricane After the break. With Imperial Tavares, Mastered the rebound and was able to run with Campazzo is in earthquake mode, Writing and attending to Hezonia And Musa To manufacture a 17-2 in just four minutes, The storm that caused the collapse of Barcelona (61-38, minimum 24). Belograna, far from abandoning it, reacted with almost suicidal attacks Ricky And Labrovitula, Which ordered 7-17 To make your team rise (68-55, min 27).


The Whites suffered while Tavares And Campazzo They were resting on the bench , and Willy And Parker They narrowed the gap even more at the beginning of the last quarter (72-64, min 31). I didn’t get to enter Benico Madrid, because Yue Zhong (2 points so far) Extinguish the fire with Four three – pointers in a row (84-69, min 33). Y Yaboseli He got on the minurcan cart and with eight consecutive points (including a triple and 2 + 1) he finished a Partial of 17-9 (92-71, min 38) To certify the first win in the semi-finals (97-78).

Technical profile:

97. Real Madrid (24+20+28+25 ): Campazzo (20), Kosor (2), hezonga (10), Moses (10), Tavares (18), – starting quintet -, Poirier (2), Rudy Fernandez ( – ), Yui (14), Sergio Rodriguez (2), abaldi (3) and yabusili (16).

78-para (14+22+26+16 ): Ricky Rubio (8), Satoransky (5), abrins (8), Parker (11), Vesely (4)- starting five -, labrovitola (13), Willie Hernandez (12), Kalinic (1), da Silva (10), Brizuela (3), Parra (3), and jokopaitis ( -).

Rabitrus: Carlos Peruga, Jordi Aliaga and Luis Miguel Castillo. Do not eliminate them.

Accidents: The first leg of the Endesa League semi-final series was played at the WiZink centre in front of 11,274 spectators.

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