Spanish selection: the World Cup is getting complicated for Spain… And a lot more


Spanish selection: the World Cup is getting complicated for Spain… And a lot more

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NOr it’s a false threat, it’s a fact. Possible punishment of FIFA and UEFA for Spanish football is on the table He will be able to take a final form at the next FIFA Congress to be held in May, as happened in previous appointments with other federations.

The Supreme Sports Council I received a letter sent by both FIFA and UEFA, urging him to clarify the content Supervisory, unification and Representation Committee And its similarity with a possible political intervention. If there is no resounding response in the next few days, punishment may come immediately.

In recent years, FIFA has imposed sanctions on associations such as Peru, Chad, Guatemala, Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago, Zimbabwe. The next may be spola. Both are in the headquarters Neon As in the case of Zirich They were surprised when sansin a leaked the safe on the first days of the week Rocha. Something that was unheard of when the meeting was scheduled for Thursday.

Both organizations are considering That Rodriguez Uribe has betrayed everything he has talked about before This, therefore, either gives some convincing explanations or Spain can start paying, for what the commission on Sustainable Development has done. Starting from participation in the European Championship, continuing through the clubs and ending with the World Cup This, let’s not forget, It must be ratified by FIFA in December.

Far from calming and resolving the existing conflict, FIFA and UEFA have already clarified their position. There is no place for politicians to approach the world of football.

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