Spanish selection: Nico and Lamine, our entertainment venue


Spanish selection: Nico and Lamine, our entertainment venue

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“I’m a beggar of good football, who wanders around the fields begging a cute little player, please.”The famous Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, The author of this cry in the form of a phrase, is going to get up these days from the armchair to enjoy his compatriots on orders Marcelo Bielsa At the America’s Cup and enjoy the Spanish selection of Luis de la Fuente In the European Cup. Arrivals

At the end of the round of 16, the impression that Spain is the team that plays better becomes an absolute certainty. This may not be the minimum ultimate success, but it is certainly the shortest way to achieve it and also the most mobile. We must remember before crossing the host barrier in quarters, that a fork is stuck in our log.
Between the absence of vanity , the intergenerational balance of the group, the brain


It looks complicated, having risen from the ordeal of the first goal against the silent debate between




In midfield, Spain is experiencing the most successful tournament since Rubiales dynamite decided on the promising choice of


This fascination generated by the national team is embodied by two children, two dribblers, two strangers who behave like unconscious and funny puppies, most of the football players ‘ legs tremble, and passes are scored with music or flag goals. His good feelings are contagious. They love each other, looking for each other to touch the ball one meter away in the middle of the match, challenging each other to see who drinks the water first, as if there were no bottles for both, with the sole goal of continuing to listen to find out who the father is. You know rocks, paper or scissors. This s, Tik-Tok dances, better with Palen.


The German technician, he has to eat his ass from thinking about how




She will be able to stop such a fusion of talent, overflow and rudeness. The hagalons are in danger of extinction and this mestizo Spain has two really unusual ones. Let’s have fun while they continue together, lest next season, instead of synchronizing in Barra, we see them out of our league. In the meantime, let’s expand this scene of inspiration and catch this childish dream, while it lasts….

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