Spanish selection: Nico and Lamin Yamal plant Nico in Germany


Spanish selection: Nico and Lamin Yamal plant Nico in Germany

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SThe feeling of the European Cup. Their names are in the media all over the world. The Germans, Spain’s rivals on Friday in Stuttgart with the semifinals at stake, have the obvious thing: they are the terror of Germany. They are Nico Williams and Lamine Yamal.

A 21-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy won the euro. Match by match Spain, their extremes are the thorns that torment their rivals. The match before Georgia Another degree raises the feeling that this is a Spain of lifelong radicalism in which it has Brothers capable of anything.

Because what has been mounted Niko and Lamin Yamal It goes beyond Green. In Cologne they left photos that go all over the world. A game of rock, paper and scissors or dancing after 3-1 was an expression of everyday communication.

Lamin Yamal and Nico Williams ” itch “in a mixed zone:” it will be a little heavy this week”

Niko and Lamin Yamal are spending the day together. They are inseparable, with Verne As a third element. Pikes and Pikes are in the play, cycling, hiking in search of an old abandoned football field… It is the adventures of the two boys in Germany that terrify their rivals, including a strong Germany that puts the homeland in competition.

What can happen in StuttgartGerman media warn Kimmich and Raum That afternoon can be tricky for them.

Croats, Italians and Georgians can testify that today Spain has nothing to do with what it was not so long ago. Although their data on the possession of the bln is always superior to that of the competitor, what is clear is that the vertical is completely different. The match before Georgia He moved in a rival scheme much like that of Morocco in Doha. Possession of Spain, too, is more than 70%. The difference was that in Education City The Spanish contestants were counted with the fingers of one hand and in Cologne there were 35, the highest score in the championship. And much of the explanation lies in this idea of Luis de la Fuente in the extreme.

Rock, paper and scissors by Niko Williams and Lamin Yamal… To get a bottle!Twitter

The community that was born in September in Georgia, DA which debut and Mark Lamin Yamal, They explained to the world in front of the Georgians that the present and the future belong to them. “Now I’ll have to put up with it all week because he scored a goal,” he joked Lamin Yamal After the game, an example of what they have built between them since that trip to Tbilisi. “A son should respect a father,” said Niko at Marka, one of those bids that are put forward every day to the delight of veterans who understand very well what the selection contains.

Meanwhile, the message that comes out of the Spanish selection is a message of wisdom. The satisfaction is obvious and the messages that you can win for Germany Also. But he does not approach this match from a sense of superiority at all. The task is daunting, because defeating Germany at home is always something to choose, MS at the final stage. But that’s what they are Nico Williams and Lamine Yamal, The chosen ones.

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