Spanish selection: Fabien Ruiz :” I am proud to call myself Fabien Ruiz and to be Spanish”


Spanish selection: Fabien Ruiz :” I am proud to call myself Fabien Ruiz and to be Spanish”

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MERMO has been talked about Fabien Ruiz In the last hours, after his exhibition by Croatia. His big game is in Berlin It has opened the debate about whether the Spanish player is as appreciated in our country as abroad.

A Fabin, Previously from Knowles, it was his turn to pass through the press room of the Schalke 04 To explain how they are and the Spanish locker room before the match against Italy.

The first question was about de la Fuente’s phrase and how he should be called up to be evaluated as his coach knew him shortly before, a player of the highest world level. “Fabien Ruiz. I am proud to be called as and to be Spanish. He later emphasized this: “I invite us to appreciate more what is ours and not what is outside. Not only at the football level. We really appreciate the people who support us, and that’s a lot.”

From the path that led him to regain trust Luis Enrique At PSG, Fabin appreciated his work and also spoke about everything that de la Fuente trusted. “They are two very similar coaches. They like to have the ball and press high. I try to learn every day from Luis Enrique. I didn’t start playing a lot in pars, but in the end I did what I wanted and got it. De la Fuente has always trusted em and I hope to do great things with El.”

In the main European Cup and the morning Match, 8 from Spain wanted to demonstrate the potential of Italy and the level of the euro. “I can’t tell if we are one of the favorites. We have a lot of confidence in ourselves and we have the ability to be in the final. We will do everything we can to achieve this. If we get there… We will all be favorites, but there are very good choices… Italy is the last European Cup champion. We know that the winner is Spalletti. He’s a player who likes to play from the back, press high… I expect Italy as always: strong and aggressive. It’s going to be a very difficult match. Spalletti gave him a touch of quality that he didn’t have at other times”.

The debate about style and musical ensembles leads to the name: name Lamin Yamal. “We all know how good he is despite his age. It’s one of our fortresses. We know how important this is for us.”

What is clear to Fabin is that speculation after the withdrawal Croatia and Albania He does not get into the vocabulary of choice: “we do not think about the results of others. We are thinking about winning every game. We don’t pay much attention to what the opponents are doing.”

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