Spanish national team: Dani Olmo joins the ‘ 10 club


Spanish national team: Dani Olmo joins the ‘ 10 club

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Un Negligence She turned the shirt with the number 10 into the most charming shirt in the history of football. Due to forgetfulness and coincidence, bell fell at the 1958 World Cup and since then he has been number one of the Stars, talent, the player to whom the eyes go every time a list for the final stage appears. In the euro of Germany have to be Modric, Mbappe, Bellingham, musiala, Bernardo Silva… One of the Danny Olmo In Spain.

Despite some fear in the form of a joke from those who could make a choice in front of him, the RB Leipzig player retained his precious Apron number. It was he who Lucie against Brazil, with whom he was the captain of the submarine and with whom he dreamed of playing World Cup and European Cup With Spain.

“Wearing 10 is a pride. I took him with the Under-21s when he was captain. There’s a lot of history in this issue, ” he says Danny Mark the week when the euro starts and ends its preparation after following a special plan to settle some minor inconveniences.

Wearing 10 is a pride. I took him with the Under-21s when he was captain. There is a lot of history in this issue.

When we talk about 10 and Spain, the mind quickly turned to the player: Sisk. The charm of this shirt was worn for in the Golden Age of Spanish football. And his mark was profound: his decisive penalties were against Italy (2008) and Portugal (2012) And out of his shoes came the last pass by Iniesta I sewed the star of the world champions on the shirt of Spain on July 11, 2010.

“Cesc gave us a lot of joy with this number . He is the one who took him the most in choice. We hope that in this Euro we will give a joy like the one we were allowed to enjoy, ” Danny explains about the figure of the current president of Como.

Dani Olmo’s goal (2-0) in Spain 3-3 Brazil

He falls in love with football and its legends, for Dani Olmo it is a pleasure to present himself in a great final stage defending 10. “It’s the number of adults, bill, Maradona and now Messi. Luis de la Fuente gave me that at Under-21 after winning the Euros. And with this number also came the captain’s bracelet”.

Already with a strong voice in the team, Elms He looks at what he has around him and the message is one of optimism: “I see the team is very motivated, it has a lot of desire. We are excited and excited to start the competition.”

Cesc becomes centennial with Spanish selection

Cesc , 100 games with 10

The first time he wore the shirt with an apron number, like Dani Olmo, it was Mrs. swapa in the famous defeat to Sweden in October 2006, the first match without RAL. He inherited it from the Kings and did not make it to him forever. 100 of his 110 matches for Spain were played by Cesc with 10 caps. He is the great owner of this figure in the history of Spain. In three European Cups he was 10th from Spain: 2008, 2012 and 2016.

Luis Suarez, at Euro 1964

The 1962 World Cup in Chile was the first that Spain attended with bibs. They were distributed in alphabetical order and 10, which then lacked the symbolism of today, were for cannons: Siegfried Gracia. A Stefano says He fell on 6 and Pushkas 14.

At Euro 1964, Spain’s first victory, it was something else. 10 was for the great talent of this team: Luis Suarez Miramontes, The Golden Ball in 1960.

Coigny, RAL and Morientes

“It is the number of midfielders that determines my position,”says Dani Olmo. But in the European Cups he had for Spain a close relationship with the great scorers. In 1980, it was Spain’s return to the final stage since the 1964 title, in order to Queenie. Carrasco carried 9 of the batting Ram.

The second highest scorer in the history of Spain, RAL He was 10th at Euro 2000. Its historic 7th le port of hilgueira.

Already with 7 acuerdo RAL To Portugal Euro 2004, a frustrating tournament in which he was 10th Morientes. It was already 9 from Torres.

Nine minutes to 10

The 10 also have a lot of relationships with great football brains like Platini, Mateus… In addition to Suarez, 10 were for pure organizers in Spain: Gallego (1984), Donato (1996) and Tiago (2021). The first one I played everything to be the runner-up in pars. Tiago had only moments, no ownership. Donato played only the last nine minutes of the first match against Bulgaria. Quite a case for 10.

Not a minute to 10

And, of course, that Phantom 10 is one of the Euro 1988. The match in Germany was a sad apology for Miguel Mose’s Spain, as they were eliminated in the first stage by Italy and the hosts after starting with a victory over Denmark. Gallego was already 14 by the election and was 10 MA Eloy. The young striker sporting did not play a single minute, which is unusual for 10.

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