Spanish football saves’ match ball ‘ from Pedro Rocha’s hand


Spanish football saves’ match ball ‘ from Pedro Rocha’s hand

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LThe inauguration of Pedro Rocha as president of the Spanish Football Federation brought with it Calm down, On a daily basis in the football city of Las Rosas, and in the Federal relationship with UEFA and FIFA. The ghost of the Spanish football commentator was flying over the offices of the highest organizations in the world of football, But the reflection period that opened with the arrival of Rocha to the presidential presidency, managed that the Spanish Football Federation is not among the federations investigated and the possibility of imposing sanctions on it at the FIFA congress next Friday.

The same cannot be said about the relationship between The entity headed by Gianni Infantino and the Supreme Sports Council. FIFA is still waiting for a response to this request made jointly by Zurich and neon, where it was asked about the functions and how far it will go Committee on supervision, unification and representation established by the commission on Sustainable Development, With Vicente del Bosque as president, he is known since the announcement of his creation, but no news has been received about him at the moment.


All the decisions made by Pedro Rocha, such as Appointment of the new secretary-general, Were taken by the president without consulting the said committee. It is true that there was no extraneous movement and that everything obeyed the standards of management and looked at all times at the executives who were already working in the Union , but Everything is done with complete independence and concentration on what is really necessary.

It is an obvious symptom that everything is returning to normal that Pedro Rocha will meet Gianni Infantino On the occasion of the FIFA Congress in Bangkok. And the person who represents Spanish football here is the president of the Federation. Spanish football needs to restore the lost confidence towards the outside and the meeting will form this normality. The 2030 World Cup is at stake and it is FIFA itself that was the main sponsor of the Hexa project This has not yet finished taking shape.

Spain is in its place

Spain did not lose the position , but if the declared government intervention took place, The project was starting to falter And the Spanish part of the World Cup was beginning to decline alarmingly or even disappeared.

The idea that is leading the world of football now is Let the World Cup final take place in Madrid and at the Santiago Bernabeu. The Match ball He was saved in time, but victory cannot be sung yet. The final decision will arrive in July and before that we have to overcome some difficulties and find a point of agreement, such as Real Madrid closing an agreement with FIFA, in order to Santiago Bernabeu transported ERMO to celebrate the World Cup. Something is happening with other venues and other stadiums, which you see as excessive at a time when stadiums should be under FIFA control.

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