Spanish basketball selection: Spain, with a murderer and many doubts


Spanish basketball selection: Spain, with a murderer and many doubts

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LAs Evidence They’re done. The calendar, this element of which determines everything, only allows Spain plays two matches Preparations before the vital date: pre-Olympic Valencia (from July 2 to 7). While it is true that the first stage in Fonteta This is nice, separation is not allowed anymore. And after the ’round’ closed with a 1-1 (defeat to Italy and the victory over the Dominican Republic), The ‘family’ assesses: there are causes of delusion and at the same time, as scarello recalls, shortcomings that are difficult to cure without 100% of the whole.

February / Alberto Nevado

Lorenzo Brown, Nico’s killer

From the preparation it will come out With a good taste in my mouth after what I saw at Pedro Fernandez in Alicante for the reappearance of Lorenzo Brown. Spain leaves the last World Cup missing a ‘killer’. This is the ‘winner’ of the matches, which were Gasol, Navarro or Ricky Rubio in his last version. Lorenzo is and still has a long way to go to reach the EuroBasket level.

The leader Points (14) assists (6), No Missed shots (6/6) and is by far the player to win matches. He has the offensive talent and intelligence that scarello appreciates very much. The differential value of Spain in the pre-Olympics would be without markanin, Poland not taking off and the unknown Bahamas despite the presence of Eric Gordon or buddy held.


Clear style

With Brown in the extreme, it is possible to find out what Spain is playing with. It’s not the style of the match against Italy, where I went out separately and in the end let the rents run away in the last quarter. He presses again and has the energy to get out, compensating for the problems in aesthetics that cost a lot, with the stick of Juan Nez and Alberto Daz, in the first setup. “We have offensive limitations that are filled with rebounding and running,”explains scarello. “Everyone should go 100%. It doesn’t matter if you play a little or a lot, good or bad”.

We have clear offensive limitations

Sergio scarello

Under this publication of toys, Spain to enter into business. Although it still needs to be corrected. On the one hand, the external shot. Three times they don’t come in, with 11/31 against Italy and 11/30 against ‘Dominicana’. This, as for the wardrobe itself, is given by shooting. “It’s normal, we are in the pre-season. We need minutes , to get in shape and reach, ” Brizuela concretely. And rebound, That Italy took it (37-41) and the Caribbean selection (37-34) discussed it.

February / snowy

A wake-up call

The sensations are positive after the’ entry ‘ into the heat, but they are not, by far, the level that the choice is worth. And that Sergio Scariolo does not cease to impress. “A player who makes a lot of mistakes has to score a lot of points to compensate,” he admits after the clash against Italy. A similar message was repeated in Alicante. “Chris Duarte He showed us what the NBA is and what it is not”. In other words, there are things that are missing in the attack and without defending it is not enough to compensate.

It focuses on several names that should be references and not shine in preparation. Willy hernangmez, the best player in EuroBasket pass from the 23rd position to Italy to shoot five shots against the Dominican Republic. Juancho, who managed to break that European final With his three throws, he scored only 7 and 6 points, and with El on the court ESPA does not win (-9 in Ms/minus combined).

Also Something more is expected from Santi checkers. He finished his first-professional-experience in the FIBA well at the World Cup, and although he scored 11 points in the two matches, he has to endure more courts. The volume to give that energy , which In several minutes Osman Garuba contributes at the same time. One of the azukika is, unlike the ones mentioned above, A safe value.

“We are not in those years anymore…”

February / snowy

We are no longer in those years when I kept things to myself or spread out several minutes

Sergio scarello

On the ‘plate’ of Spain, The ingredients are clear. “We are no longer in the years when I kept things for myself. Or spread out a few more minutes, ” scariello admits in the bowels of Fernandez. The team has basic pieces and without 100% the competition can put you in your place. The contest will not be in Valencia, but the photo in Paris in the group that has already confirmed the dreaded Canada and Australia.

The Italian weaves a system in which Brown starts with guarantees, abrins is the big doubt that has not yet been resolved although he has been seen playing sports in Alicante, playing an indoor pair between hernangmez or solvent checker jaruba. Next to him, the old guard. Rudi signed for the 10th preparation (9 points on average in about 17 minutes per game), and will take his dismissal against Italy. They are the ones who are always, but, as one from Brescia says, Not 2012.

It’s Spain with a killer, Doubts are difficult to resolve and the style is clear. The exam is’ well ‘ prepared, but the competition will be the one that puts everyone in their place. Pre-Olympic, The Curse of the host and the battle between the known (Finland-Poland) or the uncertain (Bahamas) are waiting around the corner.

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