Spanish Basketball League: Spanish basketball talent drain: Real Madrid and Barra lose their jewels


Spanish Basketball League: Spanish basketball talent drain: Real Madrid and Barra lose their jewels

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TAccuracy ‘Bombs’ to waterline controllers National Basketball, Real Madrid and Barcelona hit To your promising jewelry. Igor Demin, the Russian base of the plant, leaves for the Bingham Young University program. Also, perhaps according to journalist Chima de Lucas, the same will happen with Ismael Diani, white offer after Gonzaga. And in Barra (as Demin is the information provided by ESPN) It happens with kaspras jakussis, a very outstanding Lithuanian point guard, signed by Illinois. Young people come out of adults. What’s going on, huh?


Demin Stand out, in the final especially, in the past Adidas Next Generation Championship He signed a championship-high 16 points, 8.2 rebounds and 3.8 assists. It is a long base, more than two meters, a large generator and a creator. Diani, On the other hand, the sensation of the beginning of the Spanish league Endesa was when he surpassed the bar by only 16 years (9 points and 8 rebounds) since his brutal physical conditions at the bfoot Center. He also contributed to the main play for the junior EuroLeague title. Y Jacosi He took his first steps on the bar, is an excellent innovator and in anger reached 17 assists in the match.

The United States, money and doubts

All three will come from two of the best quarries in Europe. Because the United States is calling and its economic potential is not up for discussion. They will be able to offer contracts under the Nothing system-through which players exploit their image, name and likeness rights-amounts exceeding one million euros. In a bad situation, the player spends four years at a prestigious university with a high salary.

This s, jump to The United States does not mean that all that glitters is gold. The best examples are two guys who came out of the National quarries to University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), Jan Ved, the Slovenian point guard who was the MVP in 2023 with Madrid , and Adi Mara, With a complicated process of leaving Zaragoza. With advice He has 2.4 points, 0.8 rebounds and 0.5 assists. Mara tracks 3.6 points and 1.6 rebounds. There are many factors. Adaptation to the rules. “It’s the biggest change. Players, the style of play and physicality in defense is remarkable, ” relat Mara. And some coaches who do not always trust. “I have to see what the coach is thinking and what I’m thinking,”Mao added.


In the meantime, the Spanish teams don’t go crazy. Real Madrid, which sets a high condition for the exit – it is estimated that one of the Demin is in half a million-and they do not enter into wars. Not everyone will be Luka Doncic. And in their case, for example, they took care of Hugo Gonzalez As a full-fledged player of the White rotation in 2024-25.

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