Spain, this Germany is not as fierce as it was painted


Spain, this Germany is not as fierce as it was painted

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Germany beat Scotland (5-1) in their debut, won without frills against Hungary (2-0) and saved a point in the extreme against Switzerland (1-1) and thanks. Julian Nagelsmann loses gas , like soda. They have finally finished the leaders of the first group and can be a rival to Spain in the quarters-let’s not get ahead of events-, But the ‘manshaft’ does not look as ‘fierce’ as it is painted.

Putting a velcrog in your life

Since I was little, I learned that football is played with a ‘9’. That the goalkeeper and the central striker are the only players whose numbers can be measured by. There was already a debate and now it is being revived. Velkrug, a lifelong battering ram, was eating Havertz land. Mark v Scotland coming off the bench and She repeated against Switzerland with a shot to the head in the 92 ‘ that she deserved her weight in gold. Germany owes him leadership.

Yakin owes some ‘Cass’ to Thiago Motta

Bologna for Heroes by Tiago Motta, Already announced as the new coach of Juventus, Keep talking about this European Championship. Switzerland has become a special extension for him. Ebicher Brill on debut: goal and assistAnd Freuler, Who has already given a goal pass in the victory over hongra (1-3), I repeated a toast on a plate 0-1 against Germany for Dan Ndoye. Immediately after that, Ndoye himself almost scored 2-0 with an accidental shot that went off the post. All three played for Bologna. Lindoy, who has scored only one goal this season in 32 Serie A matches, was not a target of Ms: He is the first to score for Switzerland in 14 international matches. Yakin owes some ‘ CAS ‘ to Mota. At least.

The cross was painful

It wasn’t his best match, it wasn’t that great He also made his debut against Scotland… But Kruse completed a great game. He accelerated the game with several changes of orientation of the ‘sign of the house’ , he was very confident in passing and the stopped ball was terribly accurate. Several ‘caramelitos’ – reidiger and Havertz could testify-were almost finished in the goal. He was also able to record for. He almost re-scored the great goal against Sweden in 2018, but Sommer avoided it with a big save from boss. The problem is that he was lonely, very lonely, and because it’s not difficult, it’s impossible. The draw and the lead should not cover the shortcomings of Germany.

Le var salve a Sommer

Germany was 0-1. I marked him, in fact, by Robert Andrich at 17′. The Bayer Leverkusen midfielder is in contact with the extreme right, which surprised Sommer. It could have been the biggest euro goal from outside the area and the goalkeeper’s biggest mistake.This time, however, the VAR salve to the ‘No. 1’ of Switzerland and Inter. Musiala’s previous mistake was stamped on Aebischer. It was, but what VAR gives you, VAR takes away. Switzerland saw how it canceled 0-2 in the 81st minute for Vargas ‘ infiltration.

Noir, The King of goalkeepers

Taking the initiative, Nagelsmann Ter Stegen was not given a choice and repeated with Manuel Neuer under the sticks. Thus, the goal of Bayern He became, already in a solitary state, the goalkeeper with the most matches (18) in the history of the European Cup. He is followed by Buffon (17), van der Sar (16) and Rui Patricio (16). He couldn’t do much to stop Dan Ndoye 1-0.

Tah, down for the eights

Germany came up with four international caps in the match against Switzerland. In the event that yellow is seen, Tah, Werdiger, Andrich and Mittelstadt will miss the eighth place. I managed to get the first three off the hook. Instead, Tah, replaced by Schlotterbeck at 61′, be low. The heart of the Bayer Leverkusen defense raised his leg too much in a duel with empolo and hit him in the head. A well-deserved card, the truth.

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