Spain selection: 4 keys for Spain against Croatia: the transformation that changed everything, a deadly trap…


Spain selection: 4 keys for Spain against Croatia: the transformation that changed everything, a deadly trap…

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We can’t control what’s happening outsideBut we have motivation inside and that’s kind of the message, that you get through. I love that the fans are excited, that the country is excited. We will need to be better in the next match. This is the idea that we are trying to assimilate, ” he admits Luis de la Fuente After the victory in front of Croatia (3-0) in Spain’s first match in Euro 2024. The Spanish coach came to the fore to show why he is a different coach. His speech served to reduce euphoria and release a powerful message From the wardrobe clothes will not stop rising.

Spain 3-0 Croatia: summary and best moves / European Cup (J1)RTF

That is, 111 games later, Spain lost possession of the ball… And Mrs. Dow did that never. Avis that Dalek In the run-up to the match (“This is Spain now playing more vertical”) And the debut of football allowed the Spanish national team to reach another dimension. Because the touch was not lost , but now the style can be negotiated depending on the opponent, the qualities of his players or the moment when the team passes in each match. The necessary transformation that allowed The red Existence A wide range of where to mix styles To cause the competitor to fail to figure out how to decipher the plan of Spain.

If the football player says so, he will fit tiki-taka…

“The style of Spain? The one who leads her to win”. Rhodri, The captain of the Spanish national team and the character that would best fit into the team that carried tiki-taka as a flag, He was more forceful than ever with the national debate With distinction. The great advantage of choosing Luis de la Fuente is that he knew Modification of the style that has prevailed in Spain for many years To try to improve that version that gave a lot of successes to Spain. Because the problem for a long time was thinking that getting out of the facility makes us lose the essence as bass. Our flag was a tiki-taka flag and not hoisting it on our boats became a crime. And this was the biggest mistake, the inability to adapt in time.

Fabien’s goal (2-0) in Spain 3-0 CroatiaRTF

Croatia won in the statistics and Spain did not care. He owned the ball more, 53 % and also gave more passes than de la Fuente’s team (463 against 388), But at no time did I look superior to Spain. It has always been said that Good coaches are those who know how to enhance the qualities of their players… And Louis set out to prove that this is such a fact as the temple. Spain is recovering The value of the player who stuck the lime line is able to determine the matches, To break the defensive frames, to generate all the danger from the outside and make his speed and passing his best quality. And if that doesn’t work, he plays inside because the good thing about this choice is that he also knows how to do it.

Deadly trap and factory for gamers

The last time Spain was surpassed in ball dominance was on November 18, 2014, Almost ten years ago, in A friendly match played in pallados against Germany, The match which ended in a 0-1 win for Germany. That day was the conclusive evidence that made Spain believe that if they seized possession, the defeat would be even more painful. Now that’s what took the back seat: “Have we lost possession? It’s the goals and the three points that count.”, Explained Fabin. Men Dalek They knew that the strength of Spain was in its verticality and They ended up falling into the Spanish trap.

Luis de la Fuente smiles at Albania’s goal against Italy: “1-0? It gives you health…”The Union

Croatia tries to shut down bands for football collapse Lamin Yamal and Nico Williams… And they didn’t realize it Domestic football in Spain remains one of the best in the world. After the Germany exhibition and the center line (Subs: Kruse, Gundogan, musiala, Wirtz…), And Espola’s choice of chest bag to teach the football world that although she no longer dances with the eternal ‘short’, The Baseball Factory is still fully operational. The deadly trap that ended the verdict on the first game of Group B < BR >. Laroga’s debut at Euro 2024 proved this Luis de la Fuente’s roster had more players than initially thought with 45 million selectors located in Spain. Fabien Ruiz, the best player of the match, leaked an inside pass at 1-0 from Morata and another connection inside, Where Bedri moves best, I served to make it 2-0 even on the scoreboard. Redry, who is always in the right place, performs some functions that require a more centered character; Bedry and Fabin moved at will behind the Croatian midfield.

Connexin Carvajal-Lamin

The relationship between the two was one of the most positive notes of the debut of Luis de la Fuente’s team in Germany. “Lamine has been very good because on several occasions he has surpassed gvardiol. Both bands were very good. We are very happy because we played a very good match that puts us almost in eighth place“, Admitted Carvajal. And it is that the right wing, which carried all the danger of selection, folder in Olympic Stadium in Berlin After an unusual combination.

Carvajal explains his embrace with Lamin YamalJoseba Arroyo I Marca

The veteran and the intelligence of Carvajal joined the boldness and quality of Lamin to form a killer duo that drove the Croatian Defense crazy. Sometimes, he enters the wing and uses the wing to start the bike… In other cases, Lamine imagined football and Carvajal meyda is trying to shut down any threats against. A connection that made that squad impregnable and ended up weakening Nico Williams ‘ football. Lamine’s cross on Carvajal’s goal is a perfect example that there are two football players whose synergy on the pitch is special. And the celebration embodies the Union of a special and unique group.

Morata also speaks on the field

If there was a football player from the Spanish national team who needed to make an appearance like this , then this was For Alvaro Morata. The Spanish striker arrived in Germany amid a storm about the ‘ 9 ‘ figure of Spain…. And After 30 minutes the starting striker Luis de la Fuente, Who wears a ‘ 7 ‘on his back and a’ 9 ‘ on his headHe proves that every time his skin melts in a red football shirt, his definition, Access to the best cherished version of striker shoes. As things stand, Morata decided to speak on the field and is already the third maximum goal of the European Championship… After Cristiano Ronaldo and Platini. A little more to add. The espool ter Desmark, in this side he has no rival, and sends the ball to the back of the net after beating levakovic in hand-to-hand. Morata’s first goal in the European Cup and the most important thing, Batteries charged with confidence and energy to try to silence critical Ms.

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