Spain national team: Rodri: “there are obvious differences between Spain and the World Cup in Qatar”


Spain national team: Rodri: “there are obvious differences between Spain and the World Cup in Qatar”

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Rhodri, One of the key players in the Luis de la Fuente In the outline of Spain, he analyzed the differences between the disputed choice German European Cup Who played World Cup Qatar. “There are obvious differences. Every coach has an approach. We have been with Louis for some time now and we are quite clear about what he wants. Obviously, the quality and the list of players determines a bit of the guideline of what is being played. What we see, Spain is more vertical, more powerful and clearer in the zones, ” the Manchester City midfielder said at the Big Cup match.

Good work for Spain at the euro: “I had a lot of confidence before, honestly. We have played against big teams: Brazil and the nations… We come from the concentrations in which we measured ourselves and we know that we were very good. It didn’t surprise me at all. Now I think that really decisive matches are coming. I think we need to take a step forward. He’ll measure us. It’s very good what we did but honestly it’s not worth anything… It’s worth what’s coming now.”

Differences with the city: “First of all, teams are built not only by the coach, but by the individual quality that the player gives you. From Ah, similar but I’m inside many different mechanisms. The idea of being the protagonist and paying, s. But the four extremes that we have have a lot of one-on-one quality, we have interiors with a greater physical presence alternating with other interiors with a more individual quality. In the end we have a very important alternation that makes us an indecipherable choice.”

Which player surprised you: “I know everyone but… The level at which kokorella appears. I already know him but the level he shows in a context like in the European Championship… He helps us a lot, especially defensively, the character he has. I love him and I hope he continues at this level.”

Is it important to win anyway?: “S. I think that if a person tells him that you are going to win, he will clearly tell you about it. You prefer to win by playing well, of course. But the goal of sports is to win. Obviously, it’s obvious and that’s why we play the way we play. Because we think that’s how we get closer to winning and that’s why we see a different Spain in every game. With Firstel things, with players who bring different things. Because every match requires something different from you. So the most important thing for me is to win.”

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