Shocking photos of DANA in Madrid: a powerful storm laden with hail falls on the center


Shocking photos of DANA in Madrid: a powerful storm laden with hail falls on the center

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UA powerful storm is shaking Madrid. The city center was a stage in which Dana was unleashed in full force During the central hours of the afternoon of this day, June 25th. The Central District of the capital was swept by an instant storm in which hail, water, wind and Lightning were the protagonists.

Impressive hail storm laden with cold falls on Madrid

The video corresponds to a tape from Galileo Street As the workers tried to throw out all the furniture from the balcony in a few moments. However, the terrible storm He immediately took the chairs and umbrellas in front of him. The waiters and the manager unsuccessfully tried to save the umbrellas that were still on the street, when One of them fell on one of the workers. Fortunately, the episode did not reach the elderly , and at least at first glance, I suffered only from A strong blow to the arm and back.

Another highlight of this event can be appreciated when An elderly woman was located on the balcony of the bar itself. The terrible storm prevented the accompanying person from helping her on her own. At that time, many transsexuals offered a hand to be able to move the woman inside the bar.

The subway was forced to close

The accumulation of water resulting from this unexpected storm has arrived Stop the Metro Line 1 Between several stations. In addition, many people traveling through the streets of the center had to take shelter on the platforms in a few minutes. Currently, Blood circulation is fully restored No additional violation was detected.

How to form a storm like that?

This episode of instability has already been announced by experts over the previous days, who predicted heavy rains in different parts of Spain that will arrive from the middle of the week.

In this sense, Madrid was one of the communities where a yellow warning for heavy rains was issued It may be accompanied by storms and cold. In addition to the capital, Toledo district, And communities Castilla y Lin , La Rioja, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia It is also still below this alert level due to the storm.

Weather in Maana

The weather forecast for the morning merkul is That Dana is moving around the national territory, In particular, in the direction of the south, although it mainly affects the western half of the country. Given that on Thursday, the rains are expected to spread to more areas of the peninsula, although the forecast advances, the affected area will remain the same: the west of the country.

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