Shameful blow to Player Pereira for Bucaramanga ball picker


Shameful blow to Player Pereira for Bucaramanga ball picker

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EAlfonso elbez stadium was seen in the city of Bucaramanga Atletico Bucaramanga’s resounding 3-1 victory over Deportivo Pereira gave them the historic step to the final of the betplay League 1-2024 And so they dream of the first title in the history of the Santander club. And at the end of the match, when the difference was already 2 goals for the home owners, Ederson Moreno’s shot was given to one of the ball collectors and everything was captured by cameras.

Summary of Bucaramanga’s goals against Pereira by home run in La Liga betplay 1-2024

With the initial whistle, The person who qualified to the final was Pereira At the point he left with 9 points in the table and also tied in the junior units of Barranquilla, who at one time played with Millonarios. But very early , with 11 minutes to play, he arrived Fabien samboiza’s goal that brought Bucaramanga closer to the final with 8 points They hoped that a local victory would take place in Bogota.

At the beginning of the second half, there was The goal of millionaires for juniors And the joy of boumangis exploded much more, but Pereira equalized with a good goal from Anders ibargen in the 57th of the match. But the The big game of samboyza is rounded off with 2 assists for John Emerson Cordoba and Daniel Mosquera put the final 3-1.

Immediately after the goal, the aggression of Ederson Moreno arrived to collect the owners ‘ balls.

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Ederson Moreno’s aggression towards football collectors in Bucaramanga and the brawl on the benches

He ran in the 86th minute and on the field doctors and Red Cross assistants were attending to one of the Bucaramanga players, But from one moment to another, the attention of those who were on the field was on the bench of Deportivo Pereira and there was a quarrel between the bench members, too Technicians Rafael Dudamel and Lionel Alvarez enteredIn addition, the intervention of the police is necessary.

I don’t know what happened, but In one of the replays of the Wynn sports channel from the other sector, it can be seen that one of the ball collectors was running near the seat of pereranos And you can see the blow on the face of the young man from Moreno. Obviously, this led to the NIM reaching the maximum point and the end of the game was interrupted by A shameful act for a player who was already on the field and was replaced, Ends up being fired by Central Magistrate Carlos Betancur.

Sansin to Ederson Moreno, from Pereira, to hit the catch ball from Bucaramanga

Apart from the direct red, this situation should be analyzed by Arbitration authorities and penal courts of demayor. But according to the The only Disciplinary Code of the Colombian Football Federation, in Chapter 3 of the “violations in competition”, Has a special number for this lack of maximum gravity:

Article 67. Attacking ball collectors. Anyone who performs violent physical labor against pickup trucks is punished by suspension from two (2) to six (6) dates and a fine from three (3) to six (6) monthly statutory minimum wages in force at the time of violation

From what is seen in the pictures and taking into account the context, the A stronger penalty in dates and fine will be between 3 ‘900.000 and 7’ 800.000 Colombian pesos (between 1.010 DL to 2.020 dL or from 930 to 1.870 euros), This is taking into account the monthly statutory minimum wage in force in Colombia for 2024.

In addition, there has been speculation about the victim’s age, since, If he is a minor and this is verified, then there may be legal problems for the Deportivo Pereira football player, Although this information has not been confirmed by Atletico Bucaramanga.

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