Seville: Seville makes an offer for one of the most sought-after signings on the market


Seville: Seville makes an offer for one of the most sought-after signings on the market

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EThe transfer market, which is in full swing these weeks despite the fact that there have been few or few high-profile movements so far, is not focused only on the sports field. More than looking for football players (good, beautiful and cheap) to strengthen their teams for next season, Some clubs are also looking for high-level executives who will make a qualitative leap to their entities.

Football, which has turned into a formidable industry, needs not only stars in speed, It also requires brilliant managers who contribute their knowledge and develop strategic action plans for the development of the final result of the clubs.

Antonio Chavez , a ‘Galactico’ of offices

In this sense, Sevilla is trying to recruit Antonio Chaves , who despite his limited public and media expectations, is considered a ‘Galactico’ of offices. This Galician executive (or Grove, 1978) was known as the ‘Miracle Man’ of Vigo. He graduated in Law, joined the general management of the moribund Celta in 2008, at the age of 30, was an integral part in transforming the club, then sunk by enormous debts, into a solvent and sustainable entity. From that exemplary economic management, a noticeable growth in the club’s heritage has also emerged, such as the futeza Sports City or the headquarters.

The Inter Miami was assigned to El He was appointed by Jorge Mas, the head of the North American entity, to promote his growth plans in the multilateral system.

Now, Antonio Chaves has become an object of desire in many clubs, Among which is the hispalense group, which is trying to acquire its services. The same intention has a club from Saudi Arabia and two teams in the Premier League, One of which is very persistently.

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