Sevilla: Navas ‘ harsh speech: “there was no invitation , nothing , from those who should propose my continuation”


Sevilla: Navas ‘ harsh speech: “there was no invitation , nothing , from those who should propose my continuation”

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Jess Navas, Still Captain of Sevilla, Breaking his silence. This Last Thursday FC Haka Official Addis Palace When the season ends. The player wanted to explain his departure and Clarify several points With an open letter “To Seville”. I didn’t make the decision four months ago, He recognizes Wear and tear He talks about how difficult it is to take the step forward ” because it is Seville and because There was no invitation, nothing, from those who should suggest my continuation. But it is still more painful to face that after communicating that there was no ‘ wait, let’s see“, He narrates.

Thursday afternoon President Jose Mara del Nido Carrasco Talk about leaving international with a different ‘approach’. “Every time I have spoken since I have been president of Sevilla I have said that I would have liked Jess to have retired in Seville and you know that was my idea, But we have to accept his decision, because it could not be otherwise. It was very painful for me because Jess feels Seville as all sevillians feel. It was difficult to make this decision and From the club we are already thinking about when and how Jess Navas will return to Sevilla. There is no need for me to say that the doors are completely open”.

Navas ‘ speech in full

“It was a sad day, a very difficult day for M, A I never thought he would comeThe day, considering the decision I made, I have to be honest: I don’t believe it myself. But he is… As I was given. I’ve read that they say that The decision has been made for a long time, But, with all due respect, It wasn’t like that….

I was trying to explain my departure from Seville when some of my colleagues asked me and I told them that For me it was crazy what I was living. Just because I don’t understand it I can’t see… As my Seville. I show myself before my senior year and it’s hard to face it, because of the way I live and how I feel , because Football without Sevilla is not a decision that can be made four months in advance.

It’s even more, you already went through this situation last year when you had a contract and, Despite the difficult year, I fought to move on and faced the same situation From this, of course. I was hesitant because only close people know how difficult it is to think of a way out. Because it is Seville and because there was no invitation, nothing, from those who should propose my continuation. But it’s still more painful to face it after communicating that it’s not ‘wait let’s see’.

It has always come to me that I could stay here until I wanted to, but No one has removed my suspicion that at the end of the season that call happened To confirm my continuity. That’s why I just want to be able to enjoy you in Another unforgettable day at nervine. That’s what interests me, my hobby and Seville, Hoping to come back soon to help you Because the important thing is to put Seville’s heart and blood, and that’s all I’ve done in all these years.

I end up with a painful topic. They said that I quit for a better offer, but if that were the case, I would not have been in my soul team practically all my career. I don’t have a team either because I want to focus on body and soul in my PAS, which I hope to help in the future, Just as I did honorably with Seville, ” the letter reads.

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