Sevilla: Navas asks Sevilla and his teammates not to continue


Sevilla: Navas asks Sevilla and his teammates not to continue

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Jess Navas is no longer in Seville. The player He was informed this morning of his decision To the club and his colleagues, he also applied Relay Mark was able to confirm. They are Tears when leaving the playing field In the match against Sidis, then on the bench, they froze a crowd that did not want to think about Addis, but it seemed to have arrived. “I was very tired. 500 games, one Tremendous emotion The one who has been wearing all season, Feel Seville like everyone else, He suffered when the match became strange… It is natural that in such an emotional situation you can get to To collapse“, Justified Kiki Sanchez Flores Navas tears after the match. But the bitter taste that was left in the atmosphere and this morning the worst omens of civilizmo were confirmed.

The center was The penultimate match in Sanchez-Pidgeon From session to close Against Barcelona In nervine. Jess Navas-powder Say goodbye to the speed of your hobby And his life team. Sergio Ramos, A friend and support of the side in a difficult year, showed his equalizer after the defeat against cedez. “These are very emotional moments, not only on a personal level. Football is unknown, one never knows what can happen. This is normal. Not if he would have a little clearer what he would do with his future, but by recognizing people, it is normal for him to be excited. You never know when the last moment will be, ” he left on the air.

Seville Put any negotiations until the end of the tournament Although the permanence has been certified for weeks. But Jess Navas is not a touch player. In front of the disputing diz Su The 500th match in the Primera, all in a Sevilla shirt, But without receiving any greetings from the club. Seville realizes through protocol that it is being carried out by Global number of partiesNot in a single competition. But there is no greater honor than honoring his fans every time he leaves the stadium. And Navas deserved something more, although at the club they had To be able to convince the grandiose to sign his last contract, Even if it is disabled, due to the delicate economic situation of Seville.

By For the second year in a row The struggle of Seville was for Stay in the first class When the template was made for other very different purposes. The international will turn 39 next November And holds Playing with discomfort in the hip for years. This summer, except for the surprise, to be in the European Cup. The coach relied on him at the qualifying stage and feels vulnerable against Sevilla. The The last great dream With the choice of which player is Niko national player With World Cup, European Cup and UEFA Nations League. But he always put Seville above everything. From the grimas of The most important football player in the history of the nervine club They made them think that wear and tear had caused a dent and that his second stage as Sevilla was approaching its end point. And so it was. ‘Dwarf palaces’ have already been informed.

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