Sevilla-Barcelona in La Liga EA Sports: Kiki: “Barcelona has a big problem, not Xavi , it’s Real Madrid”


Sevilla-Barcelona in La Liga EA Sports: Kiki: “Barcelona has a big problem, not Xavi , it’s Real Madrid”

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Kiki Sanchez Flores Appeared for the last time As coach of Sevilla. Mother talks about her I passed nervine He was Interviewed by Xavi Hernandez. “It seems to me that An honest man who says what he thinks and what he feels, keeps nothing to himself. I admired him a lot as a player and I told him the truth, what I feel, that He went through a very difficult transition period And the value of what he has done, at least I appreciate it. I really appreciate that he was the league champion last year. Barcelona has a big problem and it’s not Xavi , it’s Real Madrid. I say this kind of thing to Chafee, like the person he meets on the street. We say that to each other and calmly”.

The flight is relatively short , it has become very long, With many emotions and feelings intertwined and when we arrived we had a very clear idea, but then we have to take into account the feelings and needs of the players,” he commented on the club’s official media.”I have A sense of duty fulfilled, But it is important that people are happy with their coach and that we support each other a lot. You can’t separate the idea of training from the idea of a club and the idea of an amateur. I found Elderly people on the street who hugged me ask to take the equipment forward And… I felt that I was carrying the feeling of a mountain of Souls. He is Giant cargo“, He admitted.

The council: “I say to the Seville of the future that I believe very much in identification, it will be the basis on which a new Seville can be formed, with a less uncertain future. Identify, understand correctly, values, trust people like Navas, like Sergio. The future lies in generating a clear definition so that the players know what the Seville Shield means. These are not moments for chaos, they are moments for the club to grow and growth will happen as long as there is determination.”

Farewell: “I’ve seen a lot of enthusiastic people and that’s good. I’ve had conversations and you won’t believe a lot of top players who have told me they’ve been through their worst moments this season. The match is over and many emotions may come to mind, many will not know if this is their last match. I always see Sergio as assertive. We understood each other perfectly from the first moment and it seemed great to me.”

These are not Times of chaos , they are times for the club to grow and growth will happen as long as there is determination

Recognition: “I’m leaving excited and happy. Sevilla has the possibility of generating its new project from the responsibility and pleasure of being in the category that it should be and the ability to choose a coach and players. What the lady can get is that the ones I work for, and they are the fans, are recognized in their coach. Maybe because we share many values.”

Nasiri change: “We have created a very important impact. That episode had us both growing up. He was our number one scorer, he showed his face at important moments.”

Canteranus: “What the fans want and what the club needs is identification. It’s a massive task and a field win. It’s the key. There are guys there and we have to open the door for them, and if we are lucky enough for Sevilla to keep their star players, like Navas and Sergio, it would be great.”

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