Sergio Garca leads a good day for Spaniards at LIV Houston


Sergio Garca leads a good day for Spaniards at LIV Houston

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JVery fruitful for Spanish players in Live golf Houston, With Sergio Garca As a spearhead after signing 67 shots , although very well accompanied by his teammates David Puig (68) and Eugenio Lipez-Chacara (69). The first place in the championship is shared by Martin Kaymer, The young man Caleb Surat From the XIII liegen team , and Adrian mironc, Making 65. John Ramm (69) finished with a big birdie putt, but got a bit of a twist around it in the final stretch.

Len Di parica could not help but shake off the bad feelings with which he left Valhalla at the new live event, which has been taking place since Friday at the Golf Club in Houston. The good work of ‘Rahmbo’ was blurred by a final stretch (17, 18 and 1) where it was more regular. The same was marked by a double bogey on the 18th after being sent into the water. However, John recovered with a final birdie and it should be noted that his start – starting at 4 – was very different. The Basque showed the game of kick-off to the green sledo This allowed him to get multiple opportunities for birdies. He missed a few putts.

In the ascending line there are also three more Spanish players in the ring. Sergio Garca rounds out a great round with an eagle on 13 (par 5) that could even be an albatross, Well the putt I holed was no more than four meters. David Puig , and Eugenio Liz Chacara That he starts playing without the pains that the hip injury caused him for a long time, they showed a minimal spectacle. They went for everything, as in the 54-hole power method tournaments. Eight birdies for the first and seven for the second. Behind the two young Spanish characters of fireballs there are a lot of talents.

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