Scotty Scheffler is still in Tiger mode and adds the fifth title of the year


Scotty Scheffler is still in Tiger mode and adds the fifth title of the year

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Golf is dominant in the personality of Scotty Scheffler. Rain or shine, suffocating heat or hurricane winds, his life changes due to the birth of his child or due to the confusion of a sheriff who takes him to the cell and portrays him as a prisoner in the Louisville district, the benefits of the number 1 in the world are still perfect.

He took over the memorial, the fifth championship he won this season, A very special tournament because it’s from Jack Nicklaus, to close the legendary triptych next to the victories at Arnold Palmer and the Masters, whose script was designed by Bobby Jones. The rebecker is completed by prestigious players and your Lord heritage. No golfer since Tom Watson in 1980 has completed the PGA Tour before the US Open, which is always played in the third week of June. It is the Fourteenth title on the grand circuit since February 2022. And the machine will not stop.

It was the US Open on Sunday, where the heat is in Ohio He put the Greens hard, which made the game very difficult. There was hardly a round below par , only Colin Morikawa was among those at the top, the one who at least, with 71 strokes, took the tension to the last hole. Scheffler, on the other hand, cap with Crispin in memory of Grayson Murray, did not find Placido’s game. I made two bogeys on the first nine holes-a birdie-and another MS error on the 17th. And with this 74-stroke card, he had to secure the pair to add a new victory.

“It means a lot to M to be able to shake his hand and win this golf tournament With all the history here and what Jack Nicklaus meant for the game, ” expressed the undisputed favorite of the US Open this week. His superiority is that as Tiger says, ” if he kicks badly, he’s in the top 10. If he kicks decently, he wins. And if he kicks well there is no one to catch him.”

Schaeffler adds another four million dollars The lady is to bag the awards this season. He has already collected 24 million.Ted Scott, his caddie, an assistant who usually gets 10 percent of the prize money on the PGA Tour, will currently be the forty-third on the circuit’s earnings list.

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