Saudi league: Fernando Hierro joins Cristiano Ronaldo’s Victory Project


Saudi league: Fernando Hierro joins Cristiano Ronaldo’s Victory Project

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Fernando Hierro joins Cristiano Ronaldo’s victory As a sports director for the upcoming season. He proposed CR7 to the Saud club, talked to the one who was a Real Madrid player and after a while of reflection, Hierro decided to accept the proposal of a team seeking to regain the title earned in the last two seasons Union and Crescent, The latter with overwhelming dominance from start to finish.

The contacts happened in the last few weeks. The leaders of the Saud club know that they have to turn the team around, starting with the sports structure and the person chosen to form all the changes is Fernando Hierro.

He has a complex task ahead of him, although it is true that the existence of Cristiano Ronado has already begun to be called last summer, Raising the competitive level of the team, albeit not enough. Now they have to take a step forward in terms of the quality of football players in that attempt to fight against Al-Hilal.

Chivas, in the fight for the title

Hierro and his team Chivas de Guadalajara in the fight for the title. In the first leg of the semi-finals of Closing the tie to zero against America. On Sunday his team must face the second leg in search of a place in the final.

In his work as a sports director, he managed to revitalize such an exotic team as Chivas, which feeds exclusively on Mexican players. The quarry also took a step forward And the Under-18 team in the final of the Mexican Championship.

Hierro made his debut for Guadalajara in October 2022 and since his arrival has become a reference at all levels. The leaders have tried Confronting the Saud proposal, But the decision of the former Madrid player seems firm and in the coming days it will become official.

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